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Monday, June 19, 2017

Prophetic Words Indeed

"Under the circumstances you'd think I would be descreet enough not to go around slaying dragonslayers. But I'm looking into the future, and I don't need a crystal ball to tell me that I won't come through the next occasion unscathed. Like the moon, I'm due for capture. But like the prophet, who was not without honor, save among his own kind and his own kin, I'm not missing at least this opportunity to say: 'I told you those birds couldn't be trusted'" -Frank Scully, from Behind the Flying Saucers, Chapter 9

One thing should be clear to those who find the opportunity to read Scully's book. The information contained within it has much less to do with two, or any number of "con-men", giving him false leads, or fake saucer gizmos.

It is a result of careful study, and attention to the meticulous details surrounding the state of affairs, of the flying saucer story, in that time period.

The "job" was done on Scully, but not by two confidence men. It was accomplished by paranoid, supposed "National Security" minded, individuals that feared exposure of the thought that there was indeed a reality behind the flying discs. These like-minded, secrecy-driven individuals had put much effort into destroying the disc realty concept. They were not about to tolerate any well written expose to the contrary.

Frank Scully knew he would pay a price, for telling the truth, and he was right.

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