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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Pertinent Aztec Info - 2

This is quoted from:
the Emerging Shield; the air force and the Evolution of Continental Air Defense 1945-1960
Kenneth Schaffel cr1953-1988

(pages 77-78)

"After moving from the west coast to parcicpate in the war games, the 505th was expected to remain in the east. ADC planned to concentrate its meager radar warning and control resources in the northeastern United States pending approval and funding of the Radar Fence Plan, but its plans were abruptly and drastically altered late in March 1948. With no advanced warning, Headquarters USAF directed that an emergency air defense system be established to operate around the clock in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest. Shortly after, First Air Force in the east was ordered to put its fighter units on alert. The usefulness of this move was uncertain since First Air Force did not yet control the services of the 505th and thus lacked any type of radar warning and control capability. 119

These events began Thursday, March 25, when Spaatz suddenly informed the Air Staff that he wanted Alaskan air defense "augmented" immediately." 120

119 Hist, 1AF, Jan-Jun 1948
120 HQ USAF Interstaff Memo, Brig Gen Edward J. Timberlake to Maj Gen Smuel E. Anderson, Mar 25, 1948, USAFHRC microfilm

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