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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Random 117L quotes: Vandenberg

Here is another glimpse at the report:

"In June, 1952, General Hoyt S. Vandenberg was quoted in the Washington Post as admitting that the Armed Forces were interested in these objects, and that they were searching for the "saucers." note: article source from the Project Blue Book files,

"with the present world unrest we cannot afford to be complacent...Our job is to detect any weapon that might be used against the United States. In the future a weapon that was'probably a meteor' may prove to be a global rocket." He laid out 3 steps of the plan that they had in mind, number three being:
"Radar combined with cameras and telescopes as well as modified sonar to find out why saucers appear soundless."

Again, just as was the case with Colonel Oder's comments after the Green Fireball conference, the description of the needs sought to monitor and analyze the saucers, which General Vandenberg describes, dovetails perfectly with the expanding nature of the monitoring systems that were later honed with WS-117L."

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