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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Ghost Rockets and WS-117L

Two issues present themselves regarding everything (UFO related) this writer has been going through, analyzing and fact checking, to date:

1. After reading through the legally released for public consumption material, it would appear as though the Ghost Rocket phenomenon must have been a more critical issue than previously thought. One reason this writer hadn’t placed more importance on the Ghost Rocket issue, is that in the “Blue Book” documents, there are a few Air Intelligence papers located there that seemed to blow off the subject of GRs, along with the Spitzberg incident. Since I had no reason to question these documents, I put the subject on a kind of “will call” basis. Now, though, because it has been discovered that Weapon System 117L actually has its roots with the Army Signals Corps/Group, 1946, this writer’s opinion has changed. This group had been conducting some type of combination weather rocket flights, as well as reconnaissance flights using balloons and rockets. These were very early secret rocket tests. Based on the manner in which everything played out, historically speaking, along with the fact that the early Army Signals Group program was mentioned in the early WS-117L documents, it would appear as though they had to have been tracking/monitoring something, back then, and that leads us to the second issue.

2. The person put in charge of WS-117L development, by both the CIA as well as the Air Force, was Colonel Frederic Oder, under General Schriever. Colonel Oder was the one sent by these two agencies to the Top Secret Green Fireball phenomenon meeting at Los Alamos, in 1949. This meeting covered incidents occurring in the time period of 1946 through 1949. Col. Oder had been behind Project: TWINKLE, 1950. When these trials were completed, the earliest programs for WS-117L were put underway, beginning with the U-2 “spyplane.” WS-117L was presented as if it was an (U) Unclassified program, and yet, in fact, it was strictly Need-To-Know. In a few documents this writer went through, from the NRO, the name WS-117L is preceded by the standard (U). The only problem with that is, the document itself was SECRET, so it didn’t make any difference. In this way, one should see a connection to the way WS-117L was being run, compared with how the UFO program was run.

It would seem as though the whole UFO period of investigation had been possibly conducted having extra ammunition (secretly) in their pocket, the whole time (recovered GR debris?), at least for those with a Need-To-Know.

That could very well explain a lot. For instance, when the Chief of Staff Intelligence (CIN) seemed to take over the Air Force generally, as AFCIN, it occurred during the same time period as WS-117L development, of which AFCIN-4 was involved with deeply. It could very well turn out that Project's UFO, Moon Dust, and BLUE FLY were attempts, along with their other duties, to have secret teams to be ready for a secret WS-117L satellite recovery operation, since the Navy was in charge of sea going recoveries. It would both fit, and make sense.

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