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Sunday, June 7, 2015

UFOB of Vital Importance: A Fresh Look at the Unidentified Flying Objects and Weapon System 117L

Copyright 2015, by Bob Koford

Note: Here is a glimpse at the report that I am currently working on. This is the Introduction.

Top Secret
2 March 1948:
"Congressman Havener, x 372 Capitol, advised he had received an inquiry from a San Francisco newspaper concerning report they received in San Fransico to the effect that Russian planes have been flying at great altitude over Japan and Alaska with some new radar equipment which enables them to make maps of areas at high altitude (reported to be altitudes at which we have never been able to operate). Deputy Director stated there had been recurring reports of this but nothing to substantiate the reports. Stated that it was feasible to fly over waters not under jurisdiction and make photographic maps. Suggested that the Congressman might desire to contact the Air Force." - Diaries of Roscoe Hillenkoetter.

The Central Intelligence Agency raised its concerns about the UFOs in a memorandum, written for the Director of Central Intelligence, September 7, 1952*, which stated, in part:

"(1) Immediate steps should be taken to improve identification of both visual and electronic phantom so that in the event of an attack, instant and positive identification of enemy planes or missiles can be made."

So it would seem logical that our military would have begun to assemble some type of defense system after World War II, to defend against both missile and bomber attack, as well as UFOs, and wouldn't have waited until 1983, which is when President Reagan announced his "Star Wars" Program.

Available documents show that a space based weapon system had indeed been in progress since at least 1955. 1

This weapon system was known as WS-117L, or the Advanced Reconnaissance System (ARS) -Project: Pied Piper. It was a massive undertaking that envisioned surveillance and protection of the entire planet. General Bernard Schriever, head of the Ballistic Missile Office, was in over all charge of 117L, and his "Assistant for 117L" was, at first, Colonel Otto J. Glasser, then Colonel Frederic C. E. Oder, of the Cambridge Research Directorate (CRD). Both of these gentlemen had connections relevant to the UFO story.

To maintain security, WS-117L was hidden within other programs, which were also secret. Some of these were: DISCOVERER, SENTRY, HEXAGON, GAMBIT, CORONA, SAMOS, and MIDAS. Each of these satellite programs had important, even critical, histories unto themselves, and yet they were also just parts contributing toward the ultimate WS-117L goal. 2

The WS-117L program lasted well into the sixties, and it is hard to know when, or if 117L ever became what we might call a finished product. WS-117L had a lot up its sleeve, and its mission parameters were wide. Some of the objectives associated with it were:

1 Surveillance of the atmosphere
2 Surveillance of the surface of the planet
3 Surveillance of near and deep space
4 Secure Intelligence Communications
5 Surveillance of the Moon, especially the back-side that faces away from Earth 3
6 Electronic Intelligence - ELINT

Because the plan called for surveillance of the moon, it can be stated that Project: Mercury, which paved the way for Project: Apollo, was spawned from the needs of WS-117L.

Most of the documentation provided by the agencies involved with the program point to the Soviet Union, and the fear of Nuclear First Strike, as being the main reasoning for the weapon system. It also mentions other possible threats, such as comets and meteors. Yet, the same evidence also proves that the UFO program of that time period played an important part in the overall program. Does this mean that, in fact, we were also interested in defending ourselves against "aliens" from outer space?

Throughout the life of the UFO program, an interest was shown in meteors, somewhat. Certain suspected meteorite impacts were investigated. At the same time, there were so many reports of other highly unconventional objects that the meteor description just doesn't do it justice.

Intercepting pilots could only describe some of the objects as being "evasive," in nature. If they were meteors, they were meteors with brains.

*see: UFOs and Government, copyright 2012 by the UFO History Group, Page 179

For 1 and 2 see: NRO Document #273, Historical Report
Weapon System 117L
1 January-31 December 1956
Western Development Division
Air Research And Development Command
Prepared by Alfred Rockefeller, Jr.
WDD Historian
15 April 1957

and also see:

NRO Document #1003, General Background WS-117L

For 3 see: NRO Document #49: Advanced Reconnaissance Development Plan

I will post more as time goes on. I want to make sure I cover as much of the information as is possible. And I will be able show that there is indeed a connection between WS-117L and UFOs. Please stay tuned.


  1. There is a new and very interesting UFO research concept that really should come to our attention: