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Friday, May 22, 2015

Painting...By Wrong Numbers

Lets say you were given a gift. It is one of those "paint-by-numbers" kits. The finished product is to be a cute panda bear. Pandas just happen to be your favorite thing. You take the kit out of the box, excitedly, and before you know it, your halfway finished.

It certainly isn't looking like a panda, yet. Hmmmmm, just looks like a bunch of random colors.

Finally, you accomplish your task, and it looks NOTHING like a cute panda bear. Well, what the? What went wrong?

Unfortunately, unbeknownst to you, someone switched all of the numbers to different assigned areas of the painting scheme. So, even though you diligently followed the instructions, and you painted ever so carefully, making sure to stay within the boundries as you painted. It wouldn't have mattered if you had taken a year to complete it. It would still be wrong.

Lets compare this to a well known UFO case.

Recently, on another blog, the writer brought up the Aztec crash story, retelling the usual version: two con men and a poor schmuck. It was a big hoax, for profit.

There is only one problem. The case as it has been investigated is fatally flawed. Sure, there is a nice story there, about how people got swindled. But if you begin any investigation with the wrong basic information, right out of the gate, how could we expect that investigation to solve anything?

This is the reason that I have been accused of bringing up the same story over and over again, i.e. the Wilkie Conner/SPACEWARP story.

Its because you cannot claim to have solved any case, if you haven't followed up on the proper information. It could very well be that the change in information regarding this case, that took place immediately, was done so investigators would be led on a long diversion.

This is what has occurred in this case:

1 names were changed
2 the location of the incident was changed
3 basic details about the case were altered

So, since this is the case, in this case, then all the data acquired for the last many years, by several researchers, might be absolutely, and completely worthless.

People can play whatever games they will, and try to make others, such as me, appear in a certain negative light, so that only the wrong information gets out there. I will continue to occasionally post what I can to help make up lost ground, when I can.

The report I am currently working on will, I believe, open up some new avenues of investigation for the UFO story, in general. Stay tuned.

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