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Saturday, August 3, 2013

A Three Legged Stool

Leg One: At the end of WWII, the United States began an unprecedented cut back in military spending. No other country in history had instigated such a drastic reduction, in such a short period of time. Those in charge of the new Intelligence apparatus that appeared along side the National Security Establishment, along with the Secretary of Defense, and others, viewed this move as extremely dangerous. They saw problems looming for Korea, and sought some type of compromise. According to Secretary Forrestal, as recorded in his diary:

(Bob note: missing quote added. My apologies for error)

"To Charles Thomas, 24 February 1947

As you know, I never object to scrutiny if it is objective, factual and conducted by intelligent people. Nor do I question the methods of those Republicans in the House and Senate who think we ought to have a cut. God knows I am fully aware of the terrific task which this country faces if it is to keep a free economy and free society. But the next eighteen months look to me to be about the most critical that this country has ever faced, and to deny Marshall the cards to play, when the stakes are as high as they are, would be a grave decision."


“24 February 1947…At lunch the President recited certain figures about the budget and expenditures. He said that the budget scheduled to go to conference for fiscal 1945-46 prior to the end of the German war, totaled 106 billion. He said that after VE-Day and subsequent to VJ-Day, recissions were effected totaling 40 billion. Actual spendings in 1945-46 were 62 billion. For 1946-47 they were 41 billion and for 1947-48, his present project, they would be 32 billion. He said that there had never been in the history of any country such sharp and drastic cutbacks from conditions of war. His objective, he stated, was to reach a postwar budget between 25 and 30 billion but that this would have to be accomplished gradually and not by disorderly and drastic measures.”

Leg Two: The National Security Establishment created the SANAC (State Army Navy Air Committee), which birthed several versions of psychological warfare ideas. The PSYOPS programs envisioned were designed with the citizens of the United States in mind. Deputy Director of the CIG/CIA, Brigadier General Edwin Kennedy Wright seemed to take the lead in promoting these programs. During the early National Intelligence Authority meetings, which included meetings of the Intelligence Advisory Board, plans such as NIA 304 and its revisions began this process, and it evolved greatly, as can be seen in the several documents available from the Central Intelligence Agency’s CREST declassification library. For example:


Subject: Immediate Psychological Measures to attain U. S. National Objectives.

Reference: a. SANA 5781 dated 24 October 1947
b. SANACC 304/10 dated 3 November 1947

…3. I was briefed on the background of this subject by [name redacted] whose alternate I have been on the SANACC Subcommittee on Special Studies and Evaluations. General Wright gave me specific instructions as to your point of view, particularly that whatever agency be set up in furtherance of U.S. national objectives through immediate psychological measures should be organized within the framework of the National Security Council. General Wright further stated that any specific reference to the conduct of black propaganda by the CIA should be omitted from any committee report or recommendations, since this function is being allocated to the CIA by a pending NSC directive, in implementation of the generic provisions of an existing public law.”

Leg Three: Certainly, in our modern times, the “Flying Saucer” story began before the end of WWII, with the rise of the Foo Fighters (not the band). Yet the main thrust of the mystery began in May and June of 1947, as is shown to be the case in the available documents, pertaining to the military’s Flying Object investigation. This unfolded with a combination of several serious sightings made by military pilots, and air personnel, which included civilian airline pilots as well.

A valid question one might ask here would be, how much of this part of the story was authentic, as opposed to how much was PSYOPS. Could it be that, at least in part, the Flying Saucer “scare” was created to help provide an excuse to raise the limit imposed on military spending? Was part of it that something which would fuel concern, and raise the bar a few notches?

The war in Korea supplied the final straw, so-to-speak, and the rest is history, as they say.

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