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Thursday, August 1, 2013

A Note on Angleton

This quote from: Cold Warrior; James Jesus Angleton: The CIA’s Master Spy Hunter, by Tom Mangold (cr 1991 Published by Simon & Schuster)

Pages 43-44

“He disappointed his father by firmly rejecting the prospect of a partnership in the revival of National Cash Register in Italy. He certainly jeopardized his marriage to Cicely (who had remained in the United States) by volunteering to stay in Europe after the Allied victory in May 1945. Instead, promoted to captain in September, he stayed on for another two full years, consumed by work, apparently disinterested in the world outside counterintelligence. He remained stubbornly impervious to any emotional pull from his wife and seemed unaware that he faced the very real risk of losing Cicely. On top of that, he was now a father—Cicely had given birth to their first child, a son, James Charles, in August 1944. The first time Jim and Cicely Angleton were reunited was fifteen months later, in November 1945, when he was recalled to OSS headquarters in Washington for a two-week consultation…the couple had become casualties of the protracted separation. ‘We just didn’t know each other any more,' says Cicely. He was all caught up in his career …Angleton had no rapport with his baby son …He didn’t want a family …so she (Cicely) returned to Tucson, and a few months later initiated divorce proceedings against her husband on grounds of desertion.

In 1947, Angleton suddenly resumed communications with his wife… In January 1948, he was stateside again for a reconciliation with Cicely. ‘we got back together…but he was a nervous wreck’... ”

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