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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Hillenkoetter, Wright and Bush; Elaborating on a Previous Post

For good, or ill, I have been paying attention to the on-going debate over the pros, and cons of the accumulated data regarding Roswell. It is my opinion that if whatever came down North of Roswell, New Mexico, in July of 1947 was exotic -- in any way- these certain individuals would have been involved:

1. Rear Admiral Roscoe Hillenkoetter (DCIA) –joined NICAP to counter Watson?
  2. General Harold Watson (then a Colonel at Wright Field, handled Air Accidents) -became a UFO debunker for Air Force for many years while leading Project GRUDGE

3. H. McCoy (Aviation Specialist, head of Engineering and Intel at Wright)

4. General Hoyt Vandenberg (former DCI) –handled the Roswell incident with General Ramey (and Hillenkoetter?)

5. James Forrestal (SECDEF) – had testified before the NSC with Hillenkoetter about their worries regarding unwarranted power; died in 1949 under suspicious circumstances

Please note previous posts, here, as well as:

I have mentioned Watson on this blog before and there are some interesting things regarding McCoy that I will bring up in a follow up post. Vandenberg’s importance might be related with his former position as DCI, and his connection can be viewed by beginning here.

The Roswell affair occurred during Roscoe Hillenkoetter’s tenure as Director, CIA

We know that Admiral Hillenkoetter spent many years with Donald Keyhoe’s NICAP. He had joined some time after serving as Director of Central Intelligence. Over the years, “The Admiral” would help shape Major Keyhoe’s opinions about how the Air Force was mishandling the Saucer Program, and how the “government” needed to be more open about the UFO Problem with the citizenry.

In this way, Admiral Hillenkoetter was simply displaying the same disdain he had over excess of power and secrecy that he had felt from the beginning, when, early in his tenure as Director, at a high level Intelligence meeting, he voiced his concern, along with Navy Secretary Forrestal, over having been given too much power.

Sometime in the early 1950’s certain well placed individuals in the CIA communicated about their strong desire to get the former CIA Director to leave NICAP. At the time, the CIA was—hotly--debating what to leave in the sanitized version of Project: Blue Book Special Report #14, which was being released to the general public.

Both Keyhoe and Leon Davidson are mentioned, throughout the CIA material, as being intensely troublesome. Most of what is said is along the lines of, “what are we going to do about these guys?”

What certain CIA individuals decided to do was to show Admiral Hillenkoetter the “secret” parts of the report, thinking that in so doing, he would surely agree to step down from his NICAP Board of Directors position. There is no reason to believe that they did not follow through with this plan. Yet, as late as 1960, “Hilley” was still not on their page, and even went so far as to testify before Congress about the seriousness of the UFO problem. This is where the now famous “through secrecy and ridicule…” sentence was first voiced, and is so often quoted.

So, what are we to make of the fact that Hillenkoetter did not react the way the CIA guys thought he would, or should have, when he was shown “the truth.”

In all those years, whatever the CIA thought the former Director did or didn’t know about the “real” UFO problem, it was obvious that he either already knew, or knew more than he was being shown. He didn’t step down. A good ten or more years later, as mentioned, he was testifying before Congress. Could it be that no matter what the CIA boys showed “Hilley” it would have bored him to tears?

Rear Admiral Hillenkoetter wasn’t the only Navy man to but heads with the UFO crowd, over the years. There have been several others (Commander McLauglin, etc.)

Soon after “Hilley”s speech, in 1960, he did step down from his position at NICAP, and quietly disappeared from the scene, telling Keyhoe that he thought the Air Force was doing the best job it could under the circumstances. This was a very different point of view than the one he had been expressing up to this point. One could only imagine what transpired to make him “back down.”

Serving as DCI Hillenkoetter’s Deputy Director was Brigadier General Edwin K. Wright. He was definitely Hilley’s right-hand-man. Anyone with even a moniker of knowledge of UFOs knows that Hillenkoetter was in the know on the subject of Flying Disks, and Unknown Aerial Phenomena. Would it be so far fetched to wonder if his Deputy was also so inclined? If his boss was that much into the subject, why wouldn’t he also be into it? After all, the most common reason for the position of Deputy Director is so he can be the go guy. He’s the guy that actually goes out and accomplishes things. The Director nods, but the Deputy gets his hands dirty.

The short answer, so far, as to whether or not DDIR Wright was involved in the flying disk story is open ended. By the time Korea becomes the issue, General Wright becomes another high-level person’s right-hand-man: General Douglas MacArthur.

One item to check is the exact time frame for the famous “the next war will be…Interplanetary…” quote, attributed to General MacArthur. I have heard it referenced so many times now. I have never personally heard of anyone that could give a cogent reason for his remark. I can only wonder if it was because of General Wright, if he really made it at all.

As Far as Wright is concerned, it is my focus at this time. I will report what I find. As for Vannevar Bush, much has been written about him but I must see who he was connected with.

We know from the Wilbert Smith era of UFOlogy that Dr. Vannevar Bush was said to have been the head of a secret Flying Saucer study group. He met with Hillenkoetter’s Intelligence apparatus on July 8, 1947, the same day that the famous Press Conference was to take place in Ramey’s office. There were all sorts of meetings taking place that day. One dealt with finalizing the whereabouts of one copy of National Intelligence Authority Memo #5, which outlined the responsibilities of the DCI, and more. Somehow someone came to think one copy was in the wrong hands. This question of breaking coverage actually was called on July 3. A few agencies answered immediately, but many more all answered on July 8, 1947.

July 3 would have been right-smack-dab in the middle of the Roswell affair. Did the DCI (Hillenkoetter) pass along some info, ala Roswell, and the CIG to Keyhoe, and the NIA5 leak scare was a part of this? I’m obviously reaching here, but it is worthy of thought.

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