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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Looking at Hillenkoetter's Diary - Part One

By: Bob Koford

Thanks to recent releases, by the CIA, Admiral Hillenkoetter's diary is available from their FOIA site. It wasn't expected that any earthshaking revelations would occur, but there are interesting items that I have seen -already.

As it has been discussed on this blog previously, an errant V-2 rocket impacted in Juarez, Mexico on May 29th, 1947. For "Hilley's" diary entry, on that date, there is a brief, partially redacted paragraph:

"THURSDAY, 29 MAY 1947

[ redacted ] inquired about [ redacted ] MC. Captain Helmick had telephoned to state that [ redacted ] would report to CNO in July. [ redacted ] was informed that the Director was interested in this case."

As it is possible there is another Helmick (besides Col. Paul Helmick, CO of Alamogordo Army Airfield correction-4/14/13) this will be checked. It is my opinion, though, that the reference to "Captain" Helmick was indeed to the same man. Of course this incident would be of interest, but it might be important to note its existence in "Hilley's" diary.

As the "Roswell" event occured around the 4th of July weekend, and the famous Press Meeting took place on the 8th, this time period has been checked. One item of interest is seen in the

           July 8, 1947
               9:00 AM

DIRECTOR...The Director opened the meeting by stating that General Wright was away on a trip."

This "General" Wright was Brig. General Edwin K. Wright, who was Deputy Director of the Central Intelligence Agency at the time (20 January-March, 1949) . According to other available documents, he had left on July 4th, "...for the West coast."  So far it is unknown if it was a pre-arranged trip, or if it had something to do with all of the "Flying Saucer" reports coming in from the West.

This writer will continue to check all angles, time permitting.

Further down the page there is this entry: "P & A has recommended several sites for monitoring stations."

Readers of his blog might recall another "assumed to be" errant rocket impact in Mexico, that reportedly occurred on October 12, 1947. I am currently reviewing for this date, and will report as soon as anything of value appears.

That's it for now.

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