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Monday, January 21, 2013

NSCID12: Can They Tell Us? -new added Link-

I am very grateful to the Central Intelligence Agency for making these historic documents available to us. Some of them seem to bolster certain items of my own interest, sure, but something stands out to me, and that is the deep commitment being made by all of these silent movers of policy, to only go as far as they needed to. It was an invasive program, by creation, and it was called "National Security." Yet, by reason of taking law, and lawful procedures into account, as much as it seemed possible, they forged the National Security backbone of -- really- the free world.

To read these two documents with the clarity that you might desire, I suggest visiting their site to get a copy for yourselves. Just search, or look for NSCID12.

Two things which stand out to me are:

1.They might provide a possible, partial explanation of the so called "cover-up" attitude, with respects to some of the "UFO" information

2. The date of publication of these two documents [January 6, 1950] coincides with the Wilkie Conner/Wyandotte Echo/Kansas City Star/Aztec Incident roller coaster ride [more on this to come see at the Florida Association for Nucleation And Conventions (FANAC): Spacewarp34-04]


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