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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Musing About October, 1947

Although the historical record seems to indicate that there just couldn't be any unrecorded rocket tests that may account for the October 12, 1947 "impact" I still have my doubts. Here are my reasons:

1. The Army had a secret group at White Sands doing work that the now emerging Air Force wanted information about, according to Air Force historical material

2. the Army is the only group that did not argue against the CIG report on the dangers of Communism in Latin America, whereas both the Navy and State Departments did not agree with its premise

3. the eyewitnesses to the October event described an impact, via the plume of black smoke rising in the distance. In fact it sounded almost identical to the May incident, the Mexican military agreed, and was searching for the site (see previous article on Mexican impact on this blog)

4. Communist agents were thought to be active in Mexican regions, as per the Sinarquista * group, and  several Mexican farmers had been murdered after they showed support for the US led team sent to eradicate Hoof and Mouth disease [Note: somewhat difficult to read, but it is legible]

5. Hoof and Mouth disease was on the list of potential USSR sponsored BW threats*

(*see for example:
Top Secret - Special Estimate- Soviet Capabilities For A surprise Attack On The Continental United States Before July 1952, Published 15 September 1951 by the Central Intelligence Agency, under heading: "BW Attack Against Livestock...32. In a clandestine attack against animals, foot and mouth disease constitutes the most serious threat to this country. The disease is highly contagious, and there is a relatively long period during which an animal with this disease is capable of infecting other animals before symptoms become apparent to anyone but an expert. Individual herds could easily be attacked, but more widespread dissemination could be initiated by infecting animals in "feeder" stockyards...")


if the Soviets were behind a Hoof and Mouth outbreak they wouldn't have wanted the farmers to participate in its eradication, hence the murdered farmers in September, 1947. A "rogue" army group, at White Sands, may have been responsible for both of the "errant" rocket accidents, although the reasons the May, "Juarez" rocket miss hap occurred had been provided for by the US military (i.e., malfunction)

Worse still would be a scenario of a "Communist Cell" at White Sands attempting to use these "mishaps" to fuel anti-American sentiment, in which case it would indeed need to be covered up.

These are just my ideas, some far fetched, but I am finding it more, and more difficult to believe that all rocket tests had been documented, and accounted for.


On the other hand,..if this incident proved to be more exotic, then these two documents are also interesting, if only for their timing, and the author. They were drawn up by Rear Admiral Roscoe Hillenkoetter on the 30th. They finalize that the JRDB, Couter Espionage and Los Alamos would be under the direction of the CIA.  


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