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Friday, December 21, 2012

Would we share?

If Roswell, or any other recovered object, represents an event outside the norm, even an ET event, then a couple of questions come into focus:

1. What other country, or entity, might we have shared some of the information and/or technology with, which we acquired as a result of this event? If we did share, why, and with whom?

     1(a) What of the possible leaking of this material ( as opposed to  the sharing of it?)

There should be a physical imprint on history.

There is an array of the data pertaining to this subject, which supports the theory of leakage. It supports a tragic story of selfless devotion, and jealous rivalry gone amuck. It shows a possible link to the current situation we find ourselves in. It begins in 1947, and spikes in 1949. It rears its ugly head again in 1963.

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