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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Why I Believe Betty and Barney Hill

Going over the case again, via the Friedman and Marden book: Captured!, (2007) See: it occurred to me that the strongest evidence for their case, at this juncture, is actually their lives. That is, their lives as they lived it from the incident onward. They went about their business the way you would if something profound had happened to you, which you were attempting to deal with. They seemed to be dealing with severe trauma-induced amnesiatic symptoms, which Dr. Benjamin Simon attempted to alleviate. They were both "bothered." It is also noteworthy that Barney had enough of his own recall, of actually remembered events, without the aid of ANY of Betty's dreams, to establish a base line for Dr. Simon's treatment.

Dr. Simon applied techniques that many in Hypnosis debunkary today would have us believe isn't possible...such as causing someone to selectively forget, or selectively remember, in order to bring them step-by-step back into a more "normal" existence. Interestingly, Dr. Simon had honed his skills with Veterans of WWII. In fact. he became famous for assisting them so well. In regards to their treatment, it is absolutely known that he utilized all of these afforementioned techniques to help many soldiers receive healing. It is true that hypnosis isn't a magic pill to the truth, yet there are benefits in some of its use, for those whose memories are so troubling that forgetting them, at least temporarily, is the only option.

The Hills doggedly, and courageously sought the answers as to what had happened to them. They also had evidence, gathered over time, which added weight to their story. There were other witnesses to odd things going on, such as other sightings of craft, as the years passed. They never changed their story. It was as it was. They continued their interest, balanced with living their lives, doing what they felt they were here to do, right up to the end.

Betty and Barney Hill sailed a true course, in my opinion. Some others may scoff, and jeer, but I will state ahead of time that if they do, they have demonstrated to us all how much they have missed the point. I believe Betty and Barney Hill were telling it like it is.


  1. Hiya Bob, if you google for it, there's an audio book at NUFOURS of the Interrupted Journey that includes around half an hour of their hypnosis tapes. Barney's response is fairly chilling in one part.

    I have to say that I believe them too. I can't make the jump all the way to space-faring traders abducting humans, but at the same time I believe them. It's a bit like Schroedinger's Cat holding two opposing views at once and yet that's how I feel about the Hills' case.

    It's almost a shame that things haven't remained so apparently sensible since. Back then, saucers were machines and visitors collected samples and spoke to the natives. Nowadays it's anything but sensible and everything is so bloody relative and open to interpretation!

  2. Thanks for the comment, and info Kandinsky, and I apologize for not reacting sooner.