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Saturday, December 24, 2011

J Robinson and the Delbert Newhouse film

In the summer of 1952, this country bore witness to several mysterious sightings of apparently aerial phenomena. Within this mix stands the Delbert Newhouse film of several glowing orbs, or "disc shaped" objects, travelling at apparently high speed off to the west.

The film is available for viewing from several sources in UFO publications world-wide, and has been for many years. One well known source is the government assisted film Unidentified Flying Objects, as this film runs the "Newhouse film" over and over.

A seperate witness to this case exits, and if you have never read the one page blog entry of JRobinson which can be found in my "Helpful Links" link to the right, then I humbly beseach each of you to click on it and read his story.

His "credentials" seem very high, and his sighting does indeed appear be related to the famous Tremonton, Utah case. Seeing it, and describing it from another angle helps to add perspective on the distances we are talking about, and speed of objects as well. Please read his story, and add it to your library of facts.


  1. Fascinating, Bob! Thanks for sharing. I had no idea about this.

  2. Hey there Sub. Thanks for visiting.

    I keep reading over at the Uforia page but then having to go before I can comment. :)