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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A quick Thanks and Acknowledgement re the Spaceman Photo

I am working on an article to post on pixel "artifacts" on poor quality, or over copied digital photos.

I have been very busy and it has left very little time to update this blog. This is just a quick thank-you to those who recognized the poor quality of the so-called spaceman photo I analyzed in a previous posting. Please read the comment section in that article for details.

The bottom line is that there does not appear to be lettering, and the "handle" appears to be the forearm of the individual.

The "cord" is still there, though.

Hopefully a better copy will be available soon.



  1. Saturday Night UFOria: The new site is up for beta preview and two roads asked me to let the "old gang" know. You're not around at dkos anymore but i chanced upon a comment where you left a link to your blog--double-good because, while i'd visited, i neglected to bookmark it.

  2. Awesome news!!! Thanks for the update :)

    To all: this site will be a must visit if you are serious.