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Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Snapshot: 1942 to 1953

Over the years much evidence has been gathered of visitation of unknown objects, and we can all read the files for ourselves. In them it appears that certain of these reported objects and their flight characteristics defy explanation. Taking a snapshot of events between 1942 and 1953, this writer will entertain certain aspects about them to see how they tend to draw us away from, or push us toward the ET hypothesis. Utilizing the search engine on this page, you can type in dates or keywords, such as, for instance "Los Angeles", and interlink with this blog, and other blogs, and other weblinks as well, in order to augment the data pertaining to the items of your interest.

In 1942, an unknown object drew attention to itself over Los Angeles. Any targeting balloon would certainly have been damaged by the barrage of anti-aircraft shelling (evident in the known and famous photograph) but there is no evidence anything was ever recovered in this case. Even so, there is just no other simple explanation one could provide for what "it" actually was.

During the Second World War numerous accounts of luminous orbs were reported by air crews. There were also rockets or missile like objects noted in the records. The possibility of “V” rockets being tested was of interest for Army Intelligence, yet even today there is no strong consensus for an explanation for the entire episode. These objects have been labeled: "ghost rockets."

After the war, most notably in 1947, strange flying objects were reportedly seen all across the United States. The official investigations later revealed that these saucer incidents were actually occurring globally. Included within the body of this evidence are sightings of objects impacting, or giving the appearance of heading toward impact with the earth. Many of these impacts are assumed to be of meteoric origin, but the evidence to support this is, sadly, lacking in several cases. Those incidents which provided evidence of the meteorite explanation from the beginning do so today. There is no doubt about their make-up and origin. The reverse of this is also true. Certain cases which were lacking proof of meteoric origin back then are still missing this confirming evidence today. The story of a crashed “disc” north of Roswell, N.M. falls within the time frame of these other reported impacts of unknowns.

In late 1949 a story began to surface providing details of a flying saucer crash, and its recovery, which included its occupants. At first the area of the crash was reported to be in Mexico, but later the impact zone became New Mexico. Other stories appeared, and other locations were given by those chiming in over the years, adding their weight to the crashed saucer inventory. Although these tales are fanciful, they play an important role in the over-all flying saucer historical record.

In 1950 a famous Meteor Detonation occurred over Kentucky, known today as the Murray Meteor. There also happens to be a record of something large actually impacting in a swamp, in Tennessee, in connection with the Murray Detonation. One rarely hears of this other impact though.

In 1951 objects shaped like giant flying wings were witnessed by both civilians and military pilots. (at least one report goes back to 1949)
see: boomerangs

In 1952 we had the famous Washington, D.C. flyovers which prompted an Air Force Press Conference on Flying Saucers. The famous sighting of a large humanoid associated with a downed meteor erupted on the scene at this time, as well.
see: Flatwoods

Moving from 1952, to 1953 we see in the archived UFO Program reports about interceptors being vectored toward Flying Objects (FLYOBS). Many of these remained Unknown Flying Objects (UFOBs). Many of these objects exited straight up to avoid interception. In all cases of Ground Control Intercept, the objects were evasive. They did not act as a "friendly", that is to say they never even bothered with step one of protocol which would have been to establish radio contact. Evasive is the only word which actually describes the actions of these objects. The objects behaved as our Air Force/National Security Agency planes did when they were getting caught over the border in the USSR.

In summary it can be said that many question still loom large over this mystery. Two questions which always seem to elude investigators’ ability to answer them are: where are they arriving from, and where are they going to? Although the saucer crash stories seem questionable to many, and so are discarded out of hand, all of these other verified-by-the-documentation encounters with unknown objects don’t do anything to draw us away from the ET hypothesis, because no one can answer the where to/where from question.

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