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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My Deleted Comment

Although I've taken flak for continuing to talk about the October 12, 1947 Mexico incident, it has never been my intention to make it seem to any of the respectable Roswell researchers that their Roswell crash information is incorrect, or that the Roswell crash never happened.

It should be obvious to any of those who are interested in the Roswell crash story that it already enjoys the efforts of several excellent investigators, digging into its treasure stores. Since I am just a regular guy interested in the case I chose to focus on the Mexico story. I certainly am not interested in notoriety.

I absolutely do believe that a few of the witnesses in the Roswell saga are being truthful, and that indeed something strange impacted, and/or exploded north of Roswell.

I have also heard, from at least one other witness, statements to the effect that it impacted us in ways we haven't yet covered--openly--and I am not referring to the body parts issue. I don't lay the Roswell tale in the lap of "UFO Mavens" as some put it...especially because of witnesses like Ben Fulford, and Jesse Marcell, Jr. They, not any of the "UFO Mavens" tell us that something indeed occurred that fateful day.

But, admittedly, the thing that has always been lacking in the Roswell story is the official documentation created at the time of the incident. An example of this would be stories we've heard regarding radar picking up an object flitting about the New Mexico skies before crashing, or exploding. Where is this data?

With the Mexico impact, we have several, official "clear" messages, created at the time, which prove something occcurred. We also have the eyewitnesses who saw the object flying from north to south, and exploding somewhere across the boarder. We also have several, from around the country, who witnessed strange missile-like objects flying from north to south (or east to west) Ohio, and Canada for instance, in the days before and after the impact.

We also have a curious coincidence of SECDEF Forrestal meeting with Mexican military cadets from 12:00 to 12:30 in his office the next day. While it could be said that this meeting could have been arranged long before, and just happens to coincide with it, the fact that it occurred the following day is interesting to me.

We also have the direct mentioning of Mexico in a trail of data that spans for several years afterwards, and information regarding a crash began to "leak" out, as per Wilkie Conner's Spacewarp article, less than two years later (October 1949). This sounds about right to me.

We don't have this type of documentation with the Roswell story, at least not anything that directly links it to the incident. We mostly have the witnesses, and their memories....which I don't have a problem with, since the memories related at times before they could have been inter-contaminated can be cross checked with each other to verify accuracy of detail.

Since it doesn't appear that there is any modern, surviving evidence that the Mexico impact was indeed a meteorite, then it not only keeps it within the "Unknown" contraints, it opens the door for other impacts being questioned. This means it IS possible that Roswell was not the only such incident.

The "why" question is so insignificant at this point, in my opinion, since it could be any number of things we haven't even considered, that I don't even bother with it. That would have to wait until more specific data is aquired.

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