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Monday, April 25, 2011

MJ-12 Like Groups

The idea of a consolidated agency or group that controls the "real" UFO material is not new. It has been bantered about for years. It is the obvious avenue of thought after one ponders this subject for awhile. There have been certain moments where the lid seemed to crack open slightly, but never truly "open." The number 12 is not new either, as we see in the National Security Council. In The Puzzle Palace* one may read, on page 69, paragraph 2:

Titled "Communications Intelligence," NSCID No. 9 formally established the USCIB "to effect the authorative coordination of Communications Intelligence activities of the Government" and "to advise the Director of Central Intelligence in those matters in the field of Communications Intelligence for which he is responsible." But the directive also stated that unanimous agreement of all twelve members (two from each agency) was required for decisions and that the board must keep hands off the internal workings of member COMINT agencies. Thus, the USCIB was nearly impotent from birth.

This relates to the Armed Forces Security Agency, and its beginnings. The Agency itself began as a military agency, but in 1952, it became the NSA.

One other instance of even more interest should be the Stone Board, and its beginnings. All throughout the days of the likes of Donald Keyhoe, the "Estimate of the Situation" is mentioned. Ruppelt also mentions it. It was supposed to be a report on the state of the Flying Disc phenomenon, and given a Top Secret classification. It is said that the Chief of Staff either put it away in a safe, or had it burned. In that light, I put forth this quote, also from Mr. Bamford's book*: Page 70; Para 5

In August of 1948, Secretary of Defense James V. Forrestal finally created a board, under the chairmanship of Rear Admiral Earl Everett Stone, then director of Naval Communications, to study the COMINT situation within the defense establishment and recommend a solution. Composed of representatives of all military interests in the COMINT family, the Stone Board went round and round for several months, but wound up submitting a divided report--the Navy and Air Force both opposed to consolidation, the Army advocating it with the exception of interception and decentralized field processing stations. Unhappy with the results, Forrestal simply locked the report in a safe and hoped the problemn would go away.

I think it interesting how closely they exist in time (August 1948), and in handling. One can only wonder.

*The Puzzle Palace
James Bamford
Published 1982 by Houghton Mifflin Company

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