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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Experts and their "Facts"

At some point in the nineteen fifties Air Force HQ began referring to itself in the UFOB documents as AFCIN. We know from some of these documents that AFCIN stood for Air Force Chief of Staff, Intelligence. Thats a fact.

About a year ago I left a comment on Kevin Randle's blog where I used the phrase AFCIN. I referred to it as Air Force Combat Intelligence, HQ. In a short time someone else, who bravely posted their comment under the name "b", followed up on my comment claiming that AFCIN didn't stand for "...some Combat Intelligence HQ." In fact, this "b" said neither AFCIN, nor AFNIN, stood for anything at all. This "b" claimed that while he, or she, was in the Air Force, AFCIN was simply a name on the Air Force letterhead.

Dr. Randle said nothing at all.

It may not seem important to you, but it nagged at me for some time before I finally let it go. But now, I think I should at least put forward the truth of the matter, as I see it, so we can all see just how phony some of the experts really are.

This topic first emerged for me when the Moondust information was in its early stages of discussion. Though referred to by others before, it was released in one of the documents attained by Clifford Stone, relating to Moondust. The term utilized was: AFCIN Intelligence Team personnel.

For years I struggled with the identity of this group, as no one else seemed to have anything to say about them. I asked alot of people, and got alot of shrugs. No one seemed sure of its exact meaning, other than the obvious; that it was an Air Force unit of some kind.

Once I had studied the so-called Bluebook documents I began to see patterns that put it into perspective. Without a doubt both AFCIN and AFNIN did indeed stand for something. Even before I read the straight forward explanation of it, I knew it meant something, because in that time period "IN" stood for Intelligence. One can see this in terms such as Office of Intelligence (OIN). One can also see that both CIN and NIN were seperate and distinct groups which recieved UFO reports.

AF usually stands for Air Force, but has also stood for Armed Forces. One can see this in the Armed Forces Security Agency (AFSA), the predicessor of the NSA.

For a time I wondered whether CIN was short for Cincinnati, but a series of 1959, and 1960 era documents spelled the meaning out for us: Chief of Staff, Intelligence.

So why did this "b" character try so hard to make readers of Dr. Randle's blog believe there was nothing to the term? Only he/she, and also maybe Dr. Randle as well, can say for sure. Whatever the reasoning behind it, it goes to show you that it is critically important to do your homework, especially as regards the UFOB story. Anybody can claim to be an expert, in order to steer you away from something.
OK, so there you have it. Not very crucial information, I guess, but it lays out some important points to remember when asking "experts" questions.

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