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Sunday, February 6, 2011

More on the Mexico Impact story

In case anyone is interested: I am working on an article to be published soon (day or two)updating the Mexico story. Since the documents were on my original blog, I will rehash the story again, and repost the docs.

Even though the Roswell story is well known, the Mexico story is the one with all the accompanying data, the type of data that is sorely missing in the Roswell saga.

There is more circumstancially avalable for a Mexico impact, than a New Mexican impact. The first leak of it occured in time, right when you would expect it to...on its own. That is, the incident occured late in 1947 (October), and withnin a year and a half, information is indeed leaking into the "press" about a crashed unknown craft, and occupants.

See ya soon.

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