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Monday, November 15, 2010

Looking through Scully's book Update

Scientists do not want to go to war with the Army over the issue. They have to get essential materials for research, and certain branches of the Department of Defense might find it difficult to find such essential materials for scientists who will not cooperate. Do they make themselves clear?

-1950, Frank Scully

Although I still intend to do a more proper report on this (I apologize, but I just haven't had the time), this quote, from page 53, just hit me squarely (quoting from Charles Fort):

"Witchcraft," to quote another Fortean proverb, "always has a hard time until it becomes established and changes its name." He did not look upon all scientists as beneficent beings. He knew too well that every scientist who upheld a new idea brought upon himself abuse from other scientists. Or to use his own words: "Science has done its utmost to prevent whatever science has done."


  1. Mornin' Bob,

    Well . . .? :>))


  2. haha..Hi Frank.

    I'm back to reading it now. Weekends, and late know the story. ;)

    Lets see how far I get by this evening.

    Take care, bro.

  3. Just wanted to let you know that my work schedule has made it difficult to get through this, but as of today, the 24th, I have enough to make some comments.

    When I get home tonight I will have an update. :)