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Tuesday, August 3, 2010


By Bob Koford

Its been a while since I first began my trek through the Blue Book material. I remember how surprised I was to find so many documents dealing with crashes and landings. I also came across some pretty intriguing information pertaining to an October, 1947 UFO crash, in Mexico.

So I decided to see what I could find out about a crash in Mexico by perusing historical material, abroad as well as from the Internet. I then went back through the Blue Book material again, with Mexico in mind, and began to find all sorts of tid bits about something landing, or crashing,in Mexico, that I had missed before. I later noticed that a couple of these stories had been published on Frank Warren's UFO Chronicles site.

I had mentioned it to Ryan Wood, early on, and he had agreed to look into it, as well. Months went by, and I brought it up during a phone call. I was curious as to whether or not he had also found information. He told me yes, he had some good information about it, and as a matter of fact it would be coming up in the next UFO Crash Conference. Of course I was interested to know what details may have emerged about the October 1947 incident.

[Added later: He did get another researcher there to talk about the May 1947 crash of a V2 rocket, in Mexico.]

The UFO case that ended up being discussed dealt with a completely different Mexico crash that I think takes place in 1955. I have since heard some other researchers refer to this one as being a possible case of fraud, rather than an important case.

For my interests, though, it doesn't really matter. I don't know if it is a real case or not, all I know is that it is not the case with the paper trail. That one occurred on October 12, 1947.

It made me wonder just how many Mexico crashes there really were.

I continued my search, and came across even more information about a Mexico crash from a completely different source.

It happened while I was running down one of the many leads dealing with the word magic. On this particular occasion I had just clicked on a link to a page that had published a copy of Arthur Rapp's fanzine: "SpaceWarp". More than a week before the Wyandotte Echo, and Kansas City Star articles, of which the famous Aztec Crash information later emerged, a flash report, and articles, written by Wilkie Conners, had been published that could represent a monumental piece of saucer crash history.

There were follow up articles which in fact seemed to lead up to the Wyandotte Echo story published at least a week later. They were based on information from a source inside the military, and science, who had been aware of the Landing in Mexico by "Venusians". I know what you are thinking, but in those days, an inside source was a lot more trustorthy than it is today, in my opinion. Unlike today, with the many phony whistleblowers that seem to abound and such, back then the connections were more real. Inside sources were actual sources. There was more trust. In the case of Mr. Conner's articles, that particular source spoke of a crash in Mexico, on April 12, 1949.

One interesting thing about Conner's story is that all the facts pertaining to the craft and occupants are almost identical to those facts published in Scully's book, and which has become known as the Aztec Crash. Three different dates, two on the 12th, three different years...but all in Mexico.

Ok so...what do we have so far?

We have several memos in the Blue Book files which refer to an October 1947 crash, the last word of this being on the 24th. In graphs, and Tables, it is referenced as a meteor impact, though I have not seen any later backing up of this conclusion.

We have press articles published at the end of 1949, and beginning of 1950, which deal with a crash landing of a saucer in Mexico, April 12, 1949.

We have later stories trickling out over the years mentioning Mexico and a saucer crash landing.

We have later testimonies telling of a crash in 1948, in New Mexico, but the facts surrounding this story are pretty much those of the Wilkie Conner article.

We have the later 1955 crash on the border story, which is, I believe, the one talked about at that conference.

So what we can say for sure is they all have a tie to something happening in Mexico, between 1947, and reliably, 1950. The crash on the boarder story is too much like the October 1947 incident, as it took place on the Texas/Mexico border.

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