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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

As If We Had a Plan.

Remember Chapter 13 of the Fire Control manual? Don't approach a landed "alien" craft. There's evidence for possible malevolence.

My own group of, no doubt severely misunderstood, "memories" suggests to me a mixed bag. There are a couple of Dreams, and memory mixes, portraying darkness, there is just no doubt about it! In addition to this there is the beginning of the experience via the Bahamas, where I clearly reacted as if I thought they were evil.

But there are other memories, and experiences, that would seem to point toward the angelic. More of a gentile overseer type of persona.

One strong "memory" I've always had was as a young boy dealing with being shown a polluted beach...not unlike what we are witnessing in the Gulf of Mexico right now, and being scolded by one of these "beings"...severely!!! if I had anything to do with it...especially at 5, or 6...whatever age I was...but it REALLY seemed that the being was serious...and seriously angry! I remember pleading..."what do you mean?...I didn't do anything!!"...etc.

I don't know. Sometimes I think I've got a handle on it, but most times I can only shrug. I read Strieber, and clicked when he said "cinnamon, and wet cardboard", sent him a thank You email, and went on with my life.

Then I have a rash of sightings which I report to the National UFO Reporting Center. These evolve into a series of sightings of silvery spheres...which always show up white, or black in my photographs. They also seem to be interested in the sudden escalation of persistant they are seen, and photographed in, and around them.

This would all seem to lend credence to the multiple groups, with multiple agendas approach to it all. Still, I don't know for sure what they are interested in, but I do know that "they" are very real...who, or whatever they are.


  1. I've deleted several "comments" from an Asian source, over this last year, only because it is accompanied by Porn Links, which is forbidden on this blog.

    I can take criticism, as long as it is presented in a real setting, without strings.

    Thank-You for your understanding in this matter, who-ever you are.

  2. plasmatic@hushmail.comJuly 28, 2010 at 10:06 AM

    Hi, Bob.

    I had a totally unambiguous "missing time" experience in 2009. No alcohol, drugs, physiological or psychological stress. Up until that point, I was ambivalent about missing time claims.

    The only physical symptom I recall was moderate fatigue, which lasted two or three days.

    My perceptual and analytical skills increased after the experience. It became much easier to identify common themes and dynamics in seemingly disparate concepts and events.

    There were some other changes, too. I became more empathic. More creative artistically. More understanding. More forgiving. Whatever I was already good at, I got better at.

    The only thing that became more difficult was expressing myself publicly. I feel more cognizant of, and responsible for, every word I write and speak. For example, if I can't express myself clearly - due to time constraints or social considerations or whatever - I don't even try. I could stand to be a little less self-conscious and a little more irreverent.

    I told my physician about the experience a year after it occurred, and we ended up swapping personal sighting stories. Doc doesn't appear to know much about the phenomenon, but was very intrigued by what happened to me. And, man, was I ever relieved to be believed.

  3. Thanks@plasmatic.

    Yes...the old double-sided sword, if you will.

    The backlash of this effect, over time, is running toward the dark, even if temporarily...but it can be devistating, and it occurs.

    We are mortal earthling men. We goof up...a lot! We limit ourselves by constantly tripping over our wants...time, and time again.

    Sometimes I think the 4400 show was more on than any other I've seen explored. Maybe the "powers" thing is a little over done...but still, there is this small core of how it really is.

    But the struggle for understanding, and utilizing this is the key, of course. I wish you well, and I appreciate your taking your time to comment here.