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Friday, May 21, 2010

What Ever Happened To The Babysitter?

There appears this cycle: A round-robin, whirling Dervish affair of denial of action to the UFO problem. It is there for all to see. This is especially so for those who have read up to a certain amount of the material available, gathered by officials of the government for many years, which clearly shows the reality of the UFO problem, as well as the "apparent" inaction by said agencies to really DO anything about it.

What I mean is that, even after such a long, and very difficult trek, the agencies most involved with the investigations seemed to just close up shop.

They just didn't find anything that would excuse the outlaying of expenditures into the realm of the "unknown" any longer.

But, in the real world, just how much really was left, of the whole UFO situation, without a baby sitter of some kind in attendance? What would we have done? What would our response be to the reality of this on-going string of events?

I don't know the answer to whether we do, or don't, have any type of special "UFO" agency. I tend to think it was simply absorbed into the everyday functions, in some way. When they had brought groups like the AISS into the equation, they were heralding, at the very least, that they had a deeper appreciation of the matter than they had been letting on about, up to that point. The question then would be, did this style of the chain links remain constant? How much of "it" was fused into the military culture? Does it continue on with groups such as the National Security Space Office (NSSO), or its predecessor the National Security Space Architect (NSSA), or the NRO?...etc.

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