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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Part 2: Deep in the Gorge

Deep in the Gorge

[news crew ringing doorbell. Man answers]

"Hello. We are told that you were one of the witnesses to the event? Can you tell us, in your own words, what happened, and what happened to your face, there?"

"Yes, I saw it!"

"What was it you saw, exactly?"

"Well, it all started this morning....early. I was letting the dog out, when I noticed this dull orange sphere, low on the horizon. It was HUGE!"

"What happened then?"

"Well, mostly it just hung there...suspended over the hills. It started getting brighter, and bigger! As it brightened, it slowly rose up, into the sky."

"Wow, were you scared?"

"Yes, a little, but I figured I should document all of it for the sake of everyone else."

"Yes, of course. So...go on. What happened then?"

"Ok...ok...well, by about midday, it was hovering right over the house"

" was moving rather slowly then?"

"Yes, very slowly"

"Were there any other witnesses...besides yourself?"

"Oh yes. There were people out in the street. They must have seen it too."

"What happened after it was hovering directly over your house?"

"It moved"


"Yes. It went the other way, slowly heading toward the horizon. By late afternoon, it was hovering right over the hill, on the other side of the house...only now it was turning a deep red color. It really creeped me out. Just then, it was gone, and everything started getting darker. That's when I ran in and called the UFO reporting Center."

"Remarkable! What about your face?"

"Yes. There is one other thing. After I went inside, to make the call, I happened to pass by the mirror and stopped to look closer, 'cause all over my face and hands was like a red sunburn effect. In fact, it was everywhere that wasn't covered by my clothes. It hurt like sunburn too."

"Unbelievable! Well, there ya have it, folks. Back to you Harry"


  1. Hey, where were you thirty years ago?

    That looks like what happened to me in North Carolina.

    Only I was driving a car at the time...


  2. Hey @dad2059. That is funny. I actually am from North Carolina, by the way.

    One of my "memories"...ahem...I mean, "false memories", seems to take placed in NC. Would have had to have been around 1960_something. I remember my dad and I outside the car, which was pulled over. There was an open field and then forest on one side, and just forest on our side, and there was this blimp-like thing with (again) windows all along the side over our heads, traveling slowly.

    Though I asked, later in life, he says it never happened, but I know that for years he developed this strange fear when driving alone, and on certain stretches of road, thinking someone was going to pull him over.

    Eyes on the road, now. Eyes on the road ;)