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Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Short Something on Ghosts As Machinery

I was watching the History Channel today, and as one program was ending, and the new one beginning, I kept it on, and waited to see what was next. It happened to be about ghost hauntings in Philadelphia, and I paused to check it out...not sure why.

A story of repeated incidences of screaming, which would be heard at roughly the same time each night,is what caught my proverbial eye. Given, of course, that any of the witnesses are telling us the truth, as they know it, then what catches my attention is the mechanical nature of this, as well as other "hauntings."

Though I'm not all that interested in this subject, I feel that much in the way of ghost sightings, and hauntings, are very repetative...which lend itself to mechanical processes, or at least a mechanism-like occurrance. They are like an analog, or digital recording, being played back at a particular time. That's so much less "spiritual" and so much more mechanical, that it just stands out as such, to me.

Just my opinion.

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