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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tales from the Morgue: V-2 Rocket Too Close For Comfort

Tales from the Morgue: V-2 Rocket Too Close For Comfort

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"Colonel Turner explained that the explosion actually was concussion caused by the force of the four and a half ton V-2 ramming the earth at 12 miles per minute...The alcohol and liquid oxygen with which the rocket is fueled would only burn and would not explode, the colonel explained. Mexican soldiers were ordered in the rater to mount guard. They were stationed on the rim, aiding American Military policemen to keep sight-seers and souvenir hunters from the area...Many El Pasoans spotted the rocket’s vapor trail after the missile was fired at White Sands, about 500 airline miles north of El Paso, and a few minutes later heard a terrific explosion and smoke rising in the direction of Juarez...Morris J. Boretz, who was en route to Southwestern General Hospital to visit his daughter, said he was at Brown street and Rim Road when he saw the rocket leaving White Sands and saw the crash south of the Rio Grand, looking like a miniature atomic bomb explosion."


  1. Completely unrelated - I dig your music. It has elements of early genesis (pre-Phil on vox) and Gabriel solo in the 90s. Of course, you have your own unique sound -- I just mean it would fit nicely alongside some of those!

  2. Thank-You very much IH. I was an early Genesis fan..."big time!".

  3. Heh - now I am gonna have that in my head all night. "Big time..."

    Ok, I'll stop hijacking your post now. =)