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Monday, October 19, 2009

The Split between the Army, and the Air Force, and the Roswell Case - 2018 update

BobNote: The link with the original text (where this blog author obtained the data, backing up the "Watson" parts of this article) no longer appear to be available.
Please note that I have never been told anything, by anyone, pertaining to it, including that it is incorrect. The point of the article is/was to demonstrate the tension and distrust, early on, at the missile range.

In 1947, when the infamous Roswell crash occurred, the Air Force
wasn't yet an agency of its own. It was still the Air component of
the Army, known as the Army Air Corps, and Army Air Force, but as
the historical record reveals, there just happened to a very large
amount of distrust between the new Air Force, and the Army. This
wasn't just a small matter. The distrust was so great, that Harold
Watson was tasked with spying on the Army, on behalf of the Air
Force. This is the same Watson who became so well known as the
great UFO debunker for the Air Force's UFO, Flying Saucer/Disc

In 1947, the Army was in charge...pretty much! They immendiately
began to compete with the Navy over the new Missile Defense of
programs. As the location was being affirmed, for the joint
missile testing grounds, the Army retained most of the control over
the newly established White Sands Proving Ground (first known as
the Long Range Proving Ground). The head committee was controlled
by the Army, and immediately after the Roswell crash, the Army, and
Air Force began battling over the territory, and its usage.
The Air Corp was just beginning to split from the Army as this
momentous event was unfolding. Could this division explain some of
the mysterious discrepancies in the case?

If you examine the manner in which the events transpired, it indeed
gives the appearance of one hand not knowing what the other is

For instance, one of the most common arguments surrounding the
affair is the manner in which the case was presented to the public,
and the time passage from when the "explained" event occurred, as
compared to when the clean-up operation began.

What if the Air Corp component stumbled upon something, which the
Army component quickly seized control of? Then ordered the Air
component to go along with a cover-up of the "real" event? As time
passed, and the Air Force was seperated, the secret remained with
the Army, who continued to investigate from a secret location at
the WSPG.

This would explain some of the discrepancies in the way it was
handled, as well as the way in which the relationship between the
new Air Force, and the Army, grew with such a paranoid, and
distrusting nature.

According to this Air Force history page:
[edit 6-25-18: previous link no longer seems to work. Will investigate]

During the late 1940s, the Army began testing captured,
German V-2 missiles at White Sands, New Mexico. The question was
asked of General Watson, "What's the Army doing at White Sands?"
Since the question came from a high level, he decided to find out.
To gather the information, General Watson decided to see what
information could be obtained using electronic surveillance. After
getting his plan approved by J. Edgar Hoover, the Federal Bureau of
Investigation director, and General Nathan Twining, the Air Force
Chief of Staff, General Watson put a crew in a hotel in Alamogordo,
New Mexico, near the White Sands missile range to spy on the Army.
This was the start of electronics intelligence (ELINT) as a
concerted effort in the Air Force.

Why on earth would the Air Foprce be so worried about what the Army
was doing out there? So worried they would spy on the Army, to
find out. Its not as if the Air Force was completely out of the
"entire" loop!

[from the same historical account]:

...What TID/ATIC also needed, General Watson believed, was a
"gold mine" in technology. Accordingly, in 1950 he contacted Dr
Clyde Williams at the Battelle Corporation (now, Battelle Memorial
Laboratories) in Columbus, Ohio, to see if they would be willing to
work under contract for ATIC. The ATIC commander told Dr Williams
that he needed technological and scientific information and asked
if Battelle had any Russians in the work force. General Watson also
needed to know whether there was a place within the corporation
that could be turned into a secure compartment. General Watson
asked the Secretary of the Air Force for Air, Harold Talbot, for
$20 million for a contract with Battelle to provide technical and
scientific data on the Russians. This was the start of Project
Stork, later called White Stork and Have Stork."

Project "STORK" was also part of the UFO re-hash program, as can be read in the documents turned over to the National Archives, by the Air Force.

Battelle, one of the foremost metallurgical institutes in the
nation, had people who spoke Russian and Russian documents; they
also found some documents at Ohio State University. Gus Simpson
from ATIC ran the group at Battelle. Some folks at ATIC were
offended that the work went to a private contractor, but Watson
just did not have the people to do the work and did not have
Russian linguists. Battelle helped ATIC evaluate the MiG-15
components brought to the United States in 1951.

It is my opinion, for what it is worth, that the rivalry between
the Army, and the Air Force, is behind much of the UFO secret, as
well as the "Roswell" secret. It appears to me that the Air Force
was tasked to investigate something the Army was already very aware

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