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Monday, May 18, 2009

Witness Statement of possible Non-Human-Contact

Witness Statement of possible Non-Human-Contact

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And scroll down to the second video on this page, of old stock footage of Cambodian (KHMER)dance

Date of incident: December, 1990
Locale: Andros; Bahamas


Witness and family had met at a vacation resort in the Bahama Islands for Christmas vacation scuba diving. The weather was warm, but windy most of the time. After a couple of restful, uneventful days of relaxing, exploring the island and diving, an evening arrived where the witness was in the clubhouse with the dive master, the dive-master's girlfriend, and another guest. Somehow the subject of UFOs came up, and the witness found himself deep in a conversation about it. After they retired, later in evening, the event most likely took place.

"We were sitting in front of the small bar. The dive master was acting as the bartender. Somehow the conversation veered from tomorrow's dive to UFOs. I don't remember how, but, admittedly, it might have been me that started it, given that the previous year I saw the introduction of William Cooper into the UFO scene. I had been into the subject for many years prior to this, and was shown a video of a speech he gave in 1989. His speech angered me because I had thought he was some kind of agent, sent to muddy up the waters with disinformation. People I know who had done work in Military Intelligence referred to him as a "gray propagandist", which means the act of mixing a small amount of truth with a large amount of fiction.

As I explained some of the things I had heard about him, and the information he imparted, a woman who had been sitting next to me began to become very agitated. She began to berate me, saying that I was a fool for believing such nonsense, etc. I tried to reason with her, explaining to her that I did not necessarily believe anything he said, but I think I focused on the John Lear, Cooper "their eating us" information a little too much for her liking. She got up, and left the clubhouse. I asked the dive master who she was, and was asked if I knew who Daniel Sheehan was. I said yes, he headed the Christic Institute. They told me she was his personal secretary. It made me feel very odd, since I had been a supporter of that group, and wondered what she must have thought of me.
The dive master, his girlfriend, and I continued our talk for a couple of more hours, before we all realized how late it was getting. We each then retired to our respective bungalows, which were very small units with two cots each in them. There was only one phone in this resort, located at the main office. When I reached my wife’s and my hut, I found her already asleep, so I quietly got ready for bed, and slipped into my cot. I thought about the dive planned for the morning, and then fell quickly asleep.

That night I had a strange, but elusively distant dream. All I could remember of it was that just before I awoke, I was being shone, by someone, a doll which resembled a combination of the nutcracker from the famous story and Ballet, and of all things, what appeared to be Ringo least that’s what it reminded me of at the time. It had longish hair, but was neatly trimmed. The cheeks and the nose area of the doll were finished with extreme redness...kind of like certain hand puppets of old. As I came to consciousness, straight out of the dream, I turned over in my cot, just as my wife was turning over on hers. When she faced me I was surprised to see that she had the same features I had just been shown on the doll. Her cheeks and nose area were extremely red in exactly the same way.

"Wow", I said. "What happened to you?"

She replied that she didn't know, but that she didn't feel well, and had a terrible headache. After she was examined by a doctor it was determined that she had developed a sinus-infection, and she wouldn't be able to join us for the morning dive. It was a real disappointment, but she decided to go with us on the boat to watch. I went out to check with the dive master, to double-check that the dive was still on. As I approached the boat dock, I saw him hurrying toward me. He didn't look happy. When he caught up to me he immediately began to accuse me of slipping something in their drinks, that previous evening. He went on, and on about it, and asked, "What did you do to us last night?...we all had dreams about girlfriend thinks we were abducted, or something". I assured him that I hadn't done anything, and apologized for putting the ideas in their heads, via our conversations at the bar.

At that, the subject was dropped, and from that moment on. It was as if he never said anything to me. He went from being very upset, to being extremely calm, and then everything was normal again. He said the dive was on, and to go ahead and fetch my gear. He said the seas were a little rough, but that it shouldn't interfere with the dive. I shrugged it all off, since he now seemed fine, and returned to check to see how my wife was feeling. She was a little better, but groggy. After some breakfast we proceeded to the dive boat, and departed for our first dive.

A short time later, after we arrived at the dive spot, it became very calm --very suddenly, and the dive master suggested that anyone wishing to dive should do so while it was as calm as it was. Suddenly, to my left, the Port side of the craft, I caught some type of movement. As I gazed out I saw the unmistakable sight of a shark fin cutting the surface of the water, just like you see in movies. I pointed, and asked, “Is that a shark?"

As I said this, the fin slipped under the water and the dive master said, “Where...I don't see anything." I sat back down on the bench, and as I did so, witnessed the most amazing thing ever. To my surprise, a gigantic whale shark had come up to my side of the boat...pretty much right up to me. I felt compelled to reach over the rail, and it just floated there, as I stroked it with my hand. I felt elated at this opportunity, and was taking it in with enormous delight. Unfortunately, the rest of the crew, except for my wife, had begun to feverishly don their gear, and before I could do anything about it, they were all jumping in, and onto the whale shark, whopping and hollering. I was horrified! The great emotional high I was feeling quickly turned to sadness, as the poor whale shark had to hightail it out of there. I grabbed my mask, and leaning over the rail I put my face down in the water to see what was going on. What I saw was an image of the dive master hanging on its dorsal fin, as the whale shark dove downward, toward the depths.

I stood up, and shook my head. What a perfect example of how short-sided and idiotic we can be. After several minutes, the dive master's head popped up, and he hooped with excitement. "Yeah, Baby...Yeah!"

All the way back to the dock he was singing "Whale shark b-a-y-bee", to the tune of “Love Shack”. I couldn't help but feel ashamed of my fellow human beings, at that particular moment in time. It might just as well have been some type of extra-terrestrial species attempting to make contact. The results were obvious enough to tell me it would be impossible, at this point in history. Nothing more was ever said about the dreams, or aliens, or anything related to it, for the rest of the vacation. it was as if the whole affair had never even occurred. A day, or two after we returned home from our trip, I had an experience unlike anything I have ever had up to that point, or after.

The night after we returned home, I had the longest, most intense dream I have ever had before, and I am now fairly sure that it represents what happened that peculiar night on Andros.

The dream begins with me sitting on a bench in what I think is the clubhouse. The difference being it appeared that the couch/bench that I was sitting on traveled around the room in a circular fashion, and the benches/couches in the clubhouse were small, and broken up into sections. After a few moments I began to notice that the people sitting in the other places on the circular couch, or bench, all seemed to be in a trance. They all stared straight ahead, and said nothing.

After a few more moments, I heard a commotion outside, and it drew my attention there. I got up, and walked outside through the swinging, spring-loaded door. As I stepped onto the small pebbles that served as the walkway, between all of the buildings, and heard them crunch under my feet, I realized that someone ahead of me, to my right, was shouting to look up into the palm tree, which was right in front of me. I did look up, and saw that it indeed looked as if there was “something” just above, or on top of the tree. I backed up a short distance, to see if I could get a better look. As I did this, a sudden shout rang out, and people started running, saying something like, “run! Get outta here!”

At first, I was drawn into this panic, and began to run. But suddenly I felt angry, and said out loud, “I’m not running away again!” With this I stopped, and turned around. When I did, several beings of different types were seen coming around the corner of the clubhouse toward me. They looked like nothing I had ever seen, or heard described before, including in any Science Fiction story or movie.
There were two taller ones, and several very short ones, who were gliding toward me. I believe one of the taller ones pointed toward me, motioning as if to say, “fetch”, or something along those lines.

As they moved toward me, I experienced the most profound sense of fear I have ever felt. Considering this was being remembered via a dream, it made it even odder. I have had many horrific nightmares in my lifetime, as have so many other people. I have woken up from dreams suddenly, because of their frightening content, but never, ever, have I experienced the sort of fear that I felt during the moments they came toward me. My ears felt burning hot, and I was close to panic.

The two taller ones stayed near the corner of the building. One of them had blue eyes, and the other had red eyes. The one with blue eyes wore a blue coat, and the one with red eyes wore a red coat. Their eyes glowed intensely, and their coats matched that intensity exactly. In fact, it seemed as if the coats and eyes were of the same material. The colors were so vibrant, that I was in awe of them.

When the little guys reached me, I reacted without thinking. I grabbed them one-by-one, throwing them to my left. Each time I did this, I said, loudly, “I cast you out in the name of Jesus!” As I grabbed the third of the small guys, one of the taller ones “danced” over to me. His movements were similar to a Kung Fu Master, or a Javanese dancer…arms up…hands, and fingers weaving through the air…spinning around as he moved toward me with surprising speed. For the life of me, I can not recall if it was the blue one, or the red one. When he reached me he put his face right up to mine, and I went limp…hands to my sides.

He positioned himself to my left, and took my hand in his. The moment he did this, I was 5 years old. I was running through a field. There were dandelion puffs, and butterflies flying across my field of vision. I felt more at peace than I think I ever have. It was as if I didn’t have a care in the world. I just ran, and ran…but then suddenly, like Peter walking on the water, I began to doubt. I remembered where I was, and called out, “No!” I let go of his hand at the same time I yelled. He put his hand on my shoulder, like a dad comforting a son who just struck out with the bases loaded.

He then moved to my right side. As he stood there, I fought with everything that I had, to look up. I remember consciously thinking, “look up…remember this…pay attention”.

I was able to lift up my head just enough to get a good look at his jacket, yet, unbelievably, I still do not remember if it was the blue one, or the red. I always tend to think it was the blue one, but can’t be sure. It seems ridiculous, as if the whole thing doesn’t sound ridiculous…but seriously, I can not be sure which guy it was, for some reason.

What I do remember is that the jacket was long. I’d say about down to the knees. It was covered with jewels, and woven with intricate designs in gold and silver thread, which reminded me of the gold threaded designs one sees on an officer’s cap. There was a lacy quality to it as well that the jewels were woven into. It was truly beyond description. It was the single most beautiful thing I think I have ever seen manufactured by anyone. I don’t think any master craftsperson on this planet could have reproduced it.

I remember that the collar was notched, like a Hindu, or a catholic priest’s, only without the white square block. I don’t remember their faces at all. Their eyes were so unbelievably vibrant that it was all I could really see of their faces.

The dream ended here.

I woke up feeling exhausted. I had never experienced anything like that…ever! It truly felt as if I hadn’t slept at all. I was tired all day, but also alive with wonder. The memory of it played over, and over in my mind all day long.

The next evening I dreamed a short, what seemed like, an addendum to the previous memory/dream.

This one begins walking down a corridor, or an elongated hallway of some sort. It reminded me of being inside a submarine. There was a lower area in the middle, between the two walk ways, which, I believe were lined with hand rails. Whoever was escorting me took me through a doorway, which again reminded me of a submarine for some reason. In the next room, the two walkways continued, but in the lower area in the middle, there were tables. These appeared like examination tables in a doctor’s office. On the table below us, there lay one of those smaller guys that I had thrown. I was motioned by the one who had led me there to go down to the table. I worked my way to it and walked by it, examining the thing lying there as I did.

The head of it was light bulb shaped, with the big end on top, the narrow end to the chin, or equivalent. The color was yellow ocher. It reminded me of the material that older computer mother boards were made of. I had owned several motherboards that were a brownish color, as opposed to the common green color of many. This one was like the brown ones, and was very glossy. It had a multi-layered look to it, like a liquid crystal display for a watch. There was a face, with the representation of mouth and eyes on it. They were only lines, not details. The mouth was in a zig-zag pattern, set in a semi-circle like a frown. This gave the appearance great displeasure!

I suddenly felt remorse, realizing that I had probably broken one, or more of their little robot things. I hadn’t meant to, but was so fearful of being captured, that I had instinctively reacted in an extremely defensive manner. I didn’t say anything out loud, but thought that I was very sorry, and the moment I had this thought, the little things mouth turned into a smile, and it bolted into a sitting position, turning its head so that it was looking toward me.

That ended this dream, and I have not had any other instances of remembrance since that time.

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