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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Some of My Notes: Part two

History Department of Nuclear Engineering Institute Archives & Special Collections MIT.htm
History of the Department of Nuclear Science and Engineering
Heads of the department
Manson Benedict 1958-1971
Elias P. Gyftopoulis 1968-1969 (acting head)
Edward A. Mason 1971-1975
Kent F. Hansen January - July 1975 (acting head)
Norman C. Rasmussen 1975-1981
Neil E. Todreas 1981-1989
Mujid Kazimi 1989-1997
Jeffrey P. Freidberg 1997-2003
Ian H. Hutchinson 2003-
In 1946 the Laboratory for Nuclear Science and Engineering, later named the Laboratory for Nuclear Science (LNS), was established under the direction of professor of physics Jerrold R. Zacharias

Subjects included a classified course in nuclear reactor design

Other early members of the lab include Clark C. Goodwin, a physicist who taught nuclear reactor design; Edwin R. Gilliland, a professor of chemical engineering; Robley D. Evans, a physicist who taught treatment of nuclear fusion; and Albert R. Kaufman, a metallurgist who directed classified research and taught about the metallurgy of nuclear materials

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