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Sunday, November 16, 2008

DSP cont. 5

As stated previously in this report, the recovery of some type of other-worldly device would have been handled, most likely, by a group like the Joint Research Development Board (JRDB). What a strange coincidence that the date of the publication of both Dr. Zohn’s sighting of a missile of the likes he had never “studied” before, at White Sands, and the reported recovery of the Roswell device, near Corona, were both July the 8th, 1947, the very date in which the JRDB assigned the Army committee in question, with Fort Bliss at the Helm, over-seeing the range, in New Mexico.

As late as October 24th, murmurings about the incident continued, hinting at a much deeper interest in the case, proving that something was indeed going on, and different components of the military wanted to be kept appraised of the situation. For instance, the document of the 24th reads, “…Subject: Crash of Unidentified Flaming Object To: Commanding General, Air Material Command Wright Field, Dayton Ohio Attention: TSNLI 1. Reference is made to your message TSNAD-10-2, 14 October 1947, and TSNAD-10-3, 17 October 1947, and letter, this headquarters, dated 20 October 1947, subject as above. 2. Forwarded herewith is a copy of message from Commanding General Fourth Army, containing additional information on the subject “

The references to the two TSNADs are to the early memos, in which General Homer, Commander of Fort Bliss, Texas, reported that the early reports from the Mexican garrison were that it was an errant V-2 rocket, but that General Homer, was still surveying, and would update. No other updates appear, but one of the requests for information came from Fort Sam Houston, which is the premier military medical base in the entire nation.

All of the memos that were available for me to read at the Project Blue Book Archives, dealing with this incident, concluded that it was a fiery missile, or meteor, approximately one meter long, and which brandished a blue, fiery tail. It crashed in Mexico, just West of Fabens, Texas, very close to a village known as Cassetta Reforma. Fears were raised that it could entangle the U.S. into sovereignty issues. Since it was initially deemed to be a meteor, based on evaluations by General Homer, it was left as such, and dropped, according to what is available in the files.

White Sands and Fort Bliss’s histories are important to all this, and it seems reasonable to quote a little more from the official history of the Proving Ground, i.e., The History of Cape Canaveral, Chapter 2:

“The Air Force was notified by the recently established Department of Defense on *December 30, 1947* that since a long range missile proving ground was intended to benefit the Army, Navy and Air Force, management of the project would be reassigned…The project was officially designated the Joint Long Range Proving Ground, with development responsibility granted to the Joint Long Range Proving Ground Group[Bobnote: Army controlled]. Although plans continued initially for the establishment of a missile range based in California, political problems arose in 1948. Although it would have been a suitable site very close to existing missile manufacturers, the California site had to be rejected when Mexican President Aleman refused to agree to allow missiles to fly over the Baja region. This was largely a result of bad timing, since a wayward V-2 rocket launched from White Sands, New Mexico had recently crashed near Juarez, Mexico.”

Two things stand out to me:

1. It was proven early on, with documentation provided by the
American military, that the incident was not due to an an errant V-2 rocket

2. If it truly had been a meteor, the question is respectfully made as to the details of the meteor itself. Where are the official samples from
“the fall”, and the stories about the meteorologists who went there,and who now study them?

[* December 30, 1947, same date given as the official designation of SIGN as a special project to investigate the “flying discs”]

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