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Monday, November 17, 2008

Chapter 2, cont.

Another dramatic event transpired in July of the same year. A rocket-shaped vehicle almost collided with a passenger airline on July 24, 1948. The Eastern Airlines flight was over Montgomery, Alabama at the time. Listed in the files as case number 144, it is broken down into parts “a” and “b” –as there was a separate sighting of a meteor at the time. The final AF report states: “…The object reported in incident #144a and 144b was very probably a meteor…It should be noted that this object was traveling in the same direction as the one reported in #144, although separated by some 400 miles.”

These are the drawings of the “meteor”, done by the pilot and copilot:

The rest of the page of this document is nearly illegible. The pilot and co-pilot disagreed on only a few minor points. They were both describing the same event, each from their own perspective, in very clear terms, very meticulously. There was one passenger awake, at the time, but he had but a glimpse of it. The pilot went so far as to describe a bulbous nose on the front of the craft, which reminded him of a type of radar housing. The co-pilot saw no such bump, to his recollection, and the passenger, saw a flash.

They both clearly described seeing two decks of rows of windows, running along the side of the craft, and a bright cherry-red flame shooting for a distance out of the rear of the craft, which got bigger as it accelerated up and away. Though it would seem highly improbable that the two pilots, who were considered competent witnesses, were describing a meteor, the Air Force concluded it was just that –a meteor.

The meteor explanations became even easier later, as the later “experts” who were brought into the UFO Program by the Air Force, to make recommendations never really saw detailed case reports, such as these. They instead made their final analysis on previously reviewed, pre-edited (by the Air Force) material, of which they only read summaries.

One can clearly see how it would just appear as though the Air Force did it that way in order to save these individuals the time and effort it would take to go back over all of the old material. They had a time mandate, after all. But seriously, it should be noted that whether it was just coincidence and or just convenient, it is a great example of how to retain complete control over a subject, as the truth was obviously being manipulated by the Air Force, in order to make it appear as though they had solved all of these Unknown cases when in fact they had not. Those who control the flow of data control the “truth”.

The bottom line in this Eastern Airlines case is that the idea that what these two pilots witnessed that day could have possibly been a space-ship, or any other strange aerial ship, was un-acceptable, and simply discarded!

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