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Friday, October 17, 2008

- Chapter One - Of Missiles and Meteors: The Beginnings of Detection, Surveillance, and Protection

“The question of the ability of large astronomical observatories detecting any unusual objects with any of their telescopes or meteor cameras was brought up. It was agreed that their chances of observing an object at random was low, unless they knew of its presence and directed their equipment toward it. This was very interesting because some people have had the theory that no unusual objects could exist because they would have been detected by observatories. In the future, cameras, professionally termed “patrol cameras”, will be developed that can detect such objects, but this development is not contemplated in the near future.”

1st Lt. E. J. Ruppelt;
Project Blue Book Report number five (5), page four (4),
Re: the Beacon Hill Group Briefing of March 26, 1952,

An overwhelming amount of evidence establishes that we have been, and are probably still being visited, by some form of intelligent, non-human, beings. The documents available in the National Archives bear out that the “authorities” have been aware of this since at least 1953, that is, the confirmation of this viewpoint. In reality, it must be said that this same documentation also hints at a much earlier timeframe for this truth, possibly even as early as 1929. The abilities displayed by them have defied even the most skilled of our aero-technicians. Are “they” extra-terrestrials? After reviewing much of the documentation of the UFO story, this writer feels that only their reality can be confirmed, not their true origin. Without taking any one group or person’s religious stand one cannot really prove any particular thing about them, or who, or what they are.

However, any reader of the available evidence must see that their reality is the one thing that is not in question…whoever, or whatever they are.

It might not be possible to pinpoint the exact beginning of the air phenomenon, but the most noticeable change from the norm would have to have been regards to the incident of February 25, 1942, over Los Angeles, California. This is not to imply that other sighting reports, from as early as the 1800’s, or even earlier, are to be ignored. It is rather noting the lack of any confirmation of the reality of the objects, as being objects, at those junctures. With the Los Angels sighting, historical information has been gathered over the years proving the incident occurred, and was an unidentified Object under Intelligent Control. Thousand of rounds of anti-aircraft artillery had been expended on the unknown aero-craft, with no result.

The so-called balloon, or whatever device it was, hovered for so long that it ended up being over-illuminated by the floodlights for a brief period of time, thereby distorting the image that is seen in the famous photograph. According to eyewitness accounts, it then ambled off, unscathed into the darkness.

This particular copy of the now famous photograph, which was on the front page of the Los Angeles Times the next day, has been “embossed”. After the color values of the highlighted thing were compared, and separated, the now outlined object was pulled out of the flood lights and set it to the right, with colors reversed.

To me it reveals a shape similar to a horseshoe, or an elongated half-moon, but this, of course, does not mean that my take on its shape is the correct one. According to eyewitness testimony, it was more of an oval or saucer shape.
My opinion of its shape is based solely on what I did with the photograph, although there are certain witnesses who appear to have claimed that it had more of a horseshoe shape to it. Nobody, however, could really say that it doesn’t actually show an unknown object, because it does. None who claim the object was really a balloon can present any evidence which would stand up to scrutiny! It is known that some of the witnesses to this event heard the impact of rounds fired at it. The craft remained intact, and so say some witnesses, departed the area of its own accord.

The historical record of this incident is easily available from many sources. It reveals several days of suspected sabotage, enemy submarine activity, and mysterious unknown plane formations reportedly seen by witnesses on the ground, which were said to be flying at high altitudes, and were presumed to be bombers. The sightings of bombers seems highly unlikely, as no enemy bomber at that point in history could have been flying over our skies without some landing area close by.

When all is said and done, this still unexplained event, which had been witnessed by many people, stands out clearly in front of the noisy background of historical events of its day, as a classic UFO case.

For this researcher, the more important aspect of this case was that it was the first “in-public” UFO case that seemed to be sending a clear message about our un-preparedness in the category of Air Defense, and it was only the herald of many strange things to come.

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