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Friday, May 30, 2008

The absurdity of it all!

In 1958, the Air Force was handling genuine UFO reports with the utmost seriousness, via Combat Intelligence, yet look at this quote from a report circa 1953:

"We don't take "flying saucers" too seriously either, but we do take the problem of Unidentified Flying Objects seriously. The definition of an Unidentified Flying object is any airborne object that by performance, aerodynamic characteristics or unusual features does not conform to any presently known type of aircraft or missile, or which cannot be identified as a known object or phenomenon. The mission of the Air defense command is such that you are in a position to be recipients of the best reports of unidentified flying objects. For that reason this briefing is being presented today...

...When the project was first started, it was classified as Top Secret. This is probably the reason for the rumors that the Air Force has Top Secret information on this subject; it does not. The only reason for the original classification was that when the project was first started the people on the project did not know what they were dealing with and, therefore, unknowingly put on this high classification...".

This report leaves the impression that they, by this time, knew what was going on, and that they knew what they "were dealing with"!

They did not!

This is revealed by the later documents, as late as 1958, when Combat Intelligence was in complete control, and they did NOT know who, or what, was in control of these aero-craft!!!

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