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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Why We Can't Just Right-Off the "Alien Abduction" Scenario

Believe-it-or-not, researchers have plenty of reasons for not completely ignoring the so-called alien abduction stories, such as that of Betty, and Barney Hill.

Long before the 1960s, when the Hill's event is said to have occurred, there were hidden-from-the-public testimonies which set the abduction scenario into its "rightful" and logical place. High-level, and other trusted (or rather more trusted than the ordinary) individuals had set the stage for just such a theme.

So many of these sensitive witnesses were reporting close encounters with the ships, rather than just far-away glimpses, that it became step One-A. So One-A was gelling and then further investigations sowed possible, yes you might have guessed it, unaccounted for time, that the abduction scenario was a logical step toward a possible explanation of what happened during that un-accounted for period of time.

Was it simply unconsciousness?

Perhaps that, coupled with some sort of shock-induced memory lapse?

I can tell you somethings for a surety. The Hill's were not the only ones to report certain recurring images of the actual experience. These certain details over-lap with some other reports.

Two of which are:

1. the color blue

2. an apparent remembrance of what it was that had actually occurred, via extremely vivid, and highly-impacting-the-mind kind of dreams -shortly after (days?).

First, a sample dealing with number one.

Take the Travis Walton story, for instance (though not considered a high-level witness to most of the "skeptics"), the color blue shows up there, in their eyes, and uniforms.

There's Betty Andreasson's report of blue uniforms on the non-human entities.

Whitley Strieber once remembered blue eyed "grays".

I know of other reports referring to blue-eyed aliens.

From jackets worn by these so-called aliens, to the color of some of their eyes, the color of an impressive opal blue is left on the observer in several cases. This color is so impressive that it leaves a lasting imprint on their memories.

Number two is more self-explainitory -except to add this question:

All of this from a simple dream?

Not impossible, of course, but not final either, especially because it is coupled with some sort of "actually remembered-in-real-time" event, that they are seeing as being explained to them in the dreams.

For me, from what I have read, and heard, and seen, I suspect we should trust the dream-memories, just a little bit more than the ones retrieved while they are under hypnosis.

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