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Sunday, April 6, 2008

PART One : Giant Boomerangs

A mysterious aerial display was witnessed in the evening skies of Phoenix, Arizona on March 13, 1997, which has generally become known as the “Phoenix Lights”. There have actually been several reported sightings of this type of craft over the years. We will go through some of them for comparison here.

The Phoenix case can be broken down into two sightings categories:

1. An enormous flying caret, or boomerang-shaped object, appearing to be moving through the sky very slowly. It was seen to display very bright lights, and was witnessed banking at one point, giving the distinct impression that it was one body.

2. A string of lights which may, or may not have been small planes or flares, at any rate, they were far enough removed from the norm to stand out.

Many people say what they saw (and most of the videos seen since) were of perfectly symmetrical lights holding still over the city. Others swear that earlier in the evening a large boomerang-shaped object passed slowly over their homes and neighborhoods. The outcome of the bantering since has left one group believing in the military flares explanation while the other group remains resolute in saying that they beheld something much more akin to a giant boomerang, with a row of lights running along its edges, or “wings.” This description of a large boomerang, in its entirety and exactness, has been reported in several other places, and various times, since at least the year 1949. The first two cases dealing with sightings of boomerang-shaped objects which are already well known in UFOlogical circles are the Lubbock Lights group of sightings (August through September 1951), and the Hudson Valley UFO sightings (1981-85).

The term “Lubbock Lights” actually encompasses a series of incidents, which occurred from January through September of 1951. Some of these dealt with the sightings of giant flying-wing type aircraft.

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On August 25, 1951, a security guard for Sandia Base in Albuquerque, New Mexico, had reportedly sighted a similar craft. He had been interviewed by agents of Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI) to give them the details of his sighting of a large flying-wing type craft, and in a Spot Intelligence Report, dated as 27 AUG 51, with distribution to (among others) Commanding General, Special Weapons Command (SWC)*, this witness was quoted as telling them that “…this aircraft was unusual in the following ways, there was no sound of motors or jets in fact there was no sound at all that I could hear. I could see no fuselage on this aircraft. The size I judged to be at least one and one half times as large as a B-36 and was shaped like a spread V with wings sloping back at an angle of about 15 degrees.”

* more on Special Weapons Command (SWC/SWSS)and Air Force Combat Intelligence Command (Air Force Intelligence Command-AFCIN)coming in future installments

This same object, or one very similar to it, was reportedly seen by three faculty members from the Texas Technological College, on the same day. Reports continued through September (more to come on this) Photos were taken by one of the witnesses which were analyzed.

These two particular photos are important in that they tend to verify the visual sighting of some type of flying-wedge, or flying-wing shaped object, as the blurring action, which is seen affecting the lights, helps to substantiate it. Every glowing spot streaked with the same intensity, and with the same style of stroke, with all tails moving in the same direction. This movement appears to be caused by camera movement, not vehicle movement, but the consistency, and uniformity of the streaks is unmistakable. Does this prove that this is a copy of a photograph taken of an extraterrestrial aero-craft? No of course not, but it is one of the many pieces of evidence, that when taken together tends to verify just such a possibility.

In the Lubbocks case, there were migratory birds witnessed by some, and their characteristics were easily spotted, even though they seemed to almost glow a white color. Each of these witnesses were certain in that they spotted birds. The question then comes down to whether the boomerang craft witnesses could have seen these same birds? Since none of us were actually there, at the time, then this answer to the mystery must remain possible, yet even the Air Force noted that it wasn’t very likely that the witnesses who are sure that they saw an actual craft would not have noticed the characteristic bobbing of the birds, and the noticeable squawking, etc., which accompanied them, and was easily seen and heard by those witnesses who knew they were birds when they saw them.

Reports of a similar craft came out of the Hudson Valley New York area, especially between 1981, and 1984. Although, again, made up of many separate sightings, which were made over a few years, certain of the sightings, which were documented in 1984, have birthed at least one book, and also was featured on one of the segments of the T.V. show, Unsolved Mysteries. These were sightings of a giant, silently moving boomerang.

The show was compelling, and the witnesses seemed very genuine, and sincere. The consensus has become a division of two, with those who believe it was the work of stunt planes on the one side, and those who say they know what they saw, and what they saw was not planes, it was one, solid boomerang shaped object. These particular Hudson Valley sightings fall into two general categories:

1. An actual craft, of boomerang-shape, made up of one solid piece, moving slowly, and at very low altitudes.

2. A string of lights, possibly attached to small planes, seen flying along in a V- formation. A slight buzzing sound is heard by some.

Like the Lubbocks Lights case, the proponents on either side cannot come to an agreement as to what they saw. The differences in their sightings appear at the time of the sightings themselves. For instance, the famous Lubbock Lights photographs don't appear to be of birds, yet there is no question that birds were also sighted.

Sightings of a craft described as a giant boomerang, or flying-wing, dates back to at least 1949. The similarities between all four of these stories are striking. The Air Force had kept a copy of the story from the Jackson, Mississippi Daily News, printed on Saturday, April 23, 1949, in the Blue Book files. Its headline read, “…a flying triangle was reported seen in the sky over Vicksburg (Virginia) last night.” (April 22, 1949)

The witness quoted in the story observed an object which appeared to him to be like “…a lighted triangle…shortly after midnight…when the object was sighted, it was within the city limits and approximately one and one-half (1-1/2) miles from the center of the city of Vicksburg…[the object was] ’milky looking’, like a fluorescent light, but not quite as bright”.

“…running down the outside edge of each side of the triangle was a row of lights…this object appeared to be supported by wings, but there was no evidence of any kind of propulsion, nor did he sight any type of stabilizers or antenna on this object…”.

Though the wings were not drawn in the characteristic 15 degree sweep described in the 1951 case, it is very similar. it also resembles the object both the witnesses to the March, 1997 incident, as well as those who saw the boomerang in Hudson Valley, New York, in the early1980s. In each of these cases, at least some of the witnesses are sure that what they saw was a solid, boomerang-shaped object, which was enormous in size. In at least one particular case, the craft was seen to pass in front of the moon. When this occurred, the object appeared almost fluid-like, and see-through, yellowish, instead of solid, and dark.

Interestingly, the 1949 sighting predated another new and strange phenomenon which came to be known as the “Green Fireball” phenomenon. These occurrences were of strange, bright-yellow-green fireballs, which began appearing frequently over sensitive military outposts. They became objects of great concern, in secret, as they had actually been building in intensity for the last year, or so. By that October, some of the most noted experts, from each of their respective fields, came together to discuss these incidents.

This meeting took place on October 27, 1949, at Los Alamos, New Mexico. It consisted of some of the most important individuals of the day, such as Joseph Kaplan (USAF/Scientific Advisory Board), Edward Teller (Assistant Director for Weapons Development, Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory (LASL), Fred Raines, Group Leader of T Division, of LASL, and Sidney Newburger, Jr, Chief, Security Operations Branch, Atomic Energy Commission (AEC). Twelve other experts joined with them, and they discussed these and other incidents of importance to Air Defense, and “after careful discussion it was concluded that: a. Real phenomena exist. b. A scientific project should be set up to conduct a well coordinated investigation.”

Project SIGN evolves

It was at this juncture that the UFO program began to be known as GRUDGE. UFO historical pieces often refer to the theme of General Cabell being upset that the UFO program was lax. He invigorated it, and it became GRUDGE.

My particular take on the meaning of GRUDGE being Ghost Rocket, or Global Rdar UFO Defensive Ground Environment is admittedly controversial, but I stand by it. Based on all of the evidence, this seems most reasonable. Respected historical figures, such as George Valley, of MIT, were very concerned, as were others, such as Dr. Joseph Kaplan, and Edward Teller, and who were definitely at the fore front of Air Defense.

The so-called Blue Book documents bear out that the “Valley Committee” had been thoroughly briefed on the UFO situation. These were the same people who spawned the digital era we know and love, today, in the name of Air Defense, and National Security.

Another Triangle

On September 20, 1950, a reported meteor was sighted from various places across the United States. It then is said to have impacted in a swampy area of Tennessee, after detonating with an enormous bang, generally over Murray, Kentucky.

Although the meteor was said to have been responsible for all of the UFO sightings that evening, during this meteoric event, several of the witnesses appear to have seen something other than a “normal” meteor. In particular, one witness, a pilot, for Continental Airlines, referred to as Captain Grave, said he witnessed “an unidentified object at 20,000 feet over Colorado Springs, Colorado” His description was much different than what others said they saw. Captain Grave said that “the object was triangular in shape, coloring was yellow, and was gliding along.”

N1 M successor?

A reasonable question for anyone to ask at this point is what experimental aerospace program could account for these sightings, and photographs taken of a giant flying-wing?

Vincent Burnelli was a big promoter of the "lifting-body" concept, from which we were to see the F-117 emerge. This concept was incorporated into the design of what we know today as the Space Shuttle, and also, was capitalized upon in the design of Northrop’s B-49 Flying-Wing, as well, which was being tested up until 1950.

Northrop’s YB-49

According to a paper written by Richard M. Wood, and published in the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics"...from 1920 to 1955 there were fifty-seven all-lifting aircraft developed.” The article continued, “….it is clear that Burnelli's commitment to achieving eventual success put him in the fore-front of this pursuit...the basic elements of the Burnelli design principle are just now being considered and utilized by the aeronautical community for a variety of vehicle classes that vary from personal air vehicles (PAVs) to jumbo transports". Mr. Wood continued with:”the interest in flying wings decreased significantly during the 1960s and 1970s as focus shifted from flight vehicle development to space vehicle development. The only exception to this trend was the brief activity in the 1950s directed at lifting-body/all-lifting vehicles that supported the design of space reentry vehicles… it is clear that Burnelli's contributions to the flying -wing program are the most extensive.”

Since Burnelli was that important to the flying-wing story, it is logical to check on his programs, to see if they relate. As you can see from this shot of a model of the advanced transport, it is must be considered in the attempts to explain these giant-flying-wing observations, but no known prototype accounts for the sightings. At the time of the sightings, this model was what they had, so it can hardly be considered further. The actual shape and size are not exact, either.

Another craft which comes close to the right shape would have be the WR-52, which was to be a space re-entry vehicle. At first it seems plausible, but the size of the strange object, and the length of time it was airborne, coupled with the fact that it left without anyone knowing where or when leave me in grave doubt. Test flights of this craft cannot be traced to the sightings in question.

Not even the XF-92 could have passed for this object, as it resembled more of what we would come to know as the F-102/106 Delta Dart. At any rate, it is fairly easy to see what it is not.

The YF-92 was known to have been flown on July 20, 1951, by Chuck Yeager, but not on the other dates in question, and it would not have shown the characteristics of the UFO in question. The wedge-shaped craft seen in 1949, 1950, and 1951, remain unknowns, possibly Extra-Terrestrial in origin, as there were no other known cultures to account for the technology.

It is absolutely undeniable that the military expended thousands of man-hours, and money, over an extended period of years, to attempt to identify these unidentified objects. Logic would dictate that if they were easy to explain experimental prototype aero-craft, after one encounter with one of them, with Wright Patterson AFB being made fully aware of their actual identity, that is, a prototype test plane, etc., why would we then expend further people, and even more money, over the next several years, risking valuable lives and equipment to continue to investigate what we already know?

Not all of the incidents reported in the Air Force files, for 1951, dealt with this boomerang shaped object. In fact, several sightings were of orbs and teardrop shaped objects, which would exit nearly straight up to evade Air Force jet interceptors. Speeds quoted were expressed in thousands of miles per hour, and that is from a stand-still.

The fact remains that there doesn’t appear to be an “experimental plane” example which would serve to explain away these sightings of giant boomerangs, or flying-wings.

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