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Sunday, April 20, 2008

It Can Be Very Unsettling

Maybe I'm a little nutty to some, but I am certainly not anti-Air Force, or don't try to be. It's just that after viewing so much of their own documentation, it has begun to appear to me to be an act of silliness to deny what is now so obvious.

To me it is an uphill battle just to see it their way.

For instance, if you see anything written from an official capacity, the "party line", the message will be extreme skepticism, or at times even coupled with personal attacks on individuals and the veracity of witnesses.

The official stance, since the supposed closing of the UFO program in 1969, is that nothing is going on, or has ever been going on, and that there is no credible evidence, nor has there ever been credible evidence verifying the "popular belief" in Extra-Terrestrial visitation.

The documentation so quickly written off by them now, and which is their own documentation, shows exactly the opposite to be true.

To be clear, the documents available to all, in the National Archives, show that -especially between the years 1949, and 1952- our military and government agencies were operating under the assumption that some of these objects were extra-terrestrial, or non-terrestrial(implying that they are simply not limited to the Earth). The only other option left was that they were really from Earth, but have been, up to now, invisible to us.

To me that seems even more audacious than even saying they are Extra-Terrestrials.

Could there have been some unknown-before-then culture existing with us, on the planet, without our knowledge?

If some other "somebody" were flight-testing extreme aero-craft without contacting, or warning anyone else, in any way -especially not even after the fact- for that long of a period of time (several years), that would have to fall into the category of extreme negligence, to say the very least!

The documents given to the archive, by the Air Force (but dealing with all of the other services), are quite clear in their seriousness and the concern expressed with the phenomenon, in general, and the mood of concern is most evident, as an abrupt change even, in late 1949 -early 1950.

The Air Force documents show, unequivocally, that Donald Keyhoe never lied about anything he ever said. All of the information he relayed to us, through interviews, and books, and articles, and newsletters (if you were a member) were all absolutely
the truth. Time and said documentation have completely exonerated Mr. Keyhoe, as if any of us needed it to be proven, but there it is, even so.

The Air Force made continual claims that he was a showman, looking for big money in the UFO circuit. They were proved wrong, as verified in their own documentation of the UFO phenomena by several government agencies. Keyhoe was a lot more of a hero than a con man.

Here is an acceptable current view on the subject:

-see under the heading: The Cold War

"So great was the number of aircraft populating the skies in the late 1940s that the Air Force—established by the National Security Act of 1947—established Project Sign (later named Project Grudge) to study unidentified flying objects (UFOs). These studies continued through 1969, and as documents released years later would show, there was never any credible evidence to authenticate the popular association of UFOs with extraterrestrial visitors. However, the widespread hysteria over UFOs in the early Cold War era serves to exemplify the palpable sense of external threat that characterized those years".

See? This is what I mean..."aircraft populating the skies"?

The real documentation shows us that some of the objects seen, by competent witnesses, were things akin to domino-shaped objects, which appeared to be crashing. Other competent witnesses saw high-speed, highly reflective, teardrop-shaped objects, which could evade our best jet interceptors by exiting, presumably, into outer-space. Whether or not Captain Mantell was really chasing a balloon, in 1948, he was killed, and all of these others were very aware of it. The fact is at least one of theirs had been lost trying to identify one of the unknown objects. They didn't take it lightly.

I don't want to seem like I'm talking bad about some writer, or that I'm anti anything, in particular, but the truth, which is easy to verify, has dispelled nearly everything this person writes in this paragraph. Maybe the key is to be found in the last sentence. The so-called Blue Book documents truly do provide an overwhelming amount of reasons to contemplate the Extra, or non-terrestrial, hypothesis. Without verification of some unknown, even now, ultra-secret aerospace programs to account for those sightings, especially those sightings which showed clearly evasion tactics being employed by them.

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