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Air Force Ballistic Missile Office
Headquarters Air Research Development Command
Special Handling Required

"The results of the numerous studies conducted since1946 at the Direction of the Department of Defense...The concept of the Advanced Reconnaissance Systems a result of studies conducted at the Rand Corporation. A study completed in 1947 together with similar investigations by other contractors concluded that a satellite vehicle was feasible as a reconnaissance vehicle but not as a weapon carrier."

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Ghost Rockets and WS-117L

Two issues present themselves regarding everything (UFO related) this writer has been going through, analyzing and fact checking, to date:

1. After reading through the legally released for public consumption material, it would appear as though the Ghost Rocket phenomenon must have been a more critical issue than previously thought. One reason this writer hadn’t placed more importance on the Ghost Rocket issue, is that in the “Blue Book” documents, there are a few Air Intelligence papers located there that seemed to blow off the subject of GRs, along with the Spitzberg incident. Since I had no reason to question these documents, I put the subject on a kind of “will call” basis. Now, though, because it has been discovered that Weapon System 117L actually has its roots with the Army Signals Group, 1946, this writer’s opinion has changed. This group had been conducting some type of combination weather rocket flights, as well as reconnaissance flights using balloons and rockets. These were very early secret rocket tests. Based on the manner in which everything played out, historically speaking, along with the fact that the early Army Signals Group program was mentioned in the early WS-117L documents, it would appear as though they had to have been tracking/monitoring something, back then, and that leads us to the second issue.

2. The person put in charge of WS-117L development, by both the CIA as well as the Air Force, was Colonel Frederick Oder, under General Schriever. Colonel Oder was the one sent by these two agencies to the Top Secret Green Fireball phenomenon meeting at Los Alamos, in 1949. This meeting covered incidents occurring in the time period of 1946 through 1949. Col. Oder had been behind Project: TWINKLE, 1950. When these trials were completed, the earliest programs for WS-117L were put underway, beginning with the U-2 “spyplane.” WS-117L was presented as if it was an (U) Unclassified program, and yet, in fact, it was strictly Need-To-Know. In a few documents this writer went through, from the NRO, the name WS-117L is preceded by the standard (U). The only problem with that is, the document itself was SECRET, so it didn’t make any difference. In this way, one should see a connection to the way WS-117L was being run, compared with how the UFO program was run.

It would seem as though the whole UFO period of investigation had been possibly conducted having extra ammunition (secretly) in their pocket, the whole time (recovered GR debris?), at least for those with a Need-To-Know.

That could very well explain a lot. For instance, when the Chief of Staff Intelligence (CIN) seemed to take over the Air Force generally, as AFCIN, it occurred during the same time period as WS-117L development, of which AFCIN-4 was involved with deeply. It could very well turn out that Project's UFO, Moon Dust, and BLUE FLY were attempts, along with their other duties, to have secret teams to be ready for a secret WS-117L satellite recovery operation, since the Navy was in charge of sea going recoveries. It would both fit, and make sense.

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UFOB of Vital Importance: A Fresh Look at the Unidentified Flying Objects and Weapon System 117L

Copyright 2015, by Bob Koford

Note: Here is a glimpse at the report that I am currently working on. This is the Introduction.

Top Secret
2 March 1948:
"Congressman Havener, x 372 Capitol, advised he had received an inquiry from a San Francisco newspaper concerning report they received in San Fransico to the effect that Russian planes have been flying at great altitude over Japan and Alaska with some new radar equipment which enables them to make maps of areas at high altitude (reported to be altitudes at which we have never been able to operate). Deputy Director stated there had been recurring reports of this but nothing to substantiate the reports. Stated that it was feasible to fly over waters not under jurisdiction and make photographic maps. Suggested that the Congressman might desire to contact the Air Force." - Diaries of Roscoe Hillenkoetter.

The Central Intelligence Agency raised its concerns about the UFOs in a memorandum, written for the Director of Central Intelligence, September 7, 1952*, which stated, in part:

"(1) Immediate steps should be taken to improve identification of both visual and electronic phantom so that in the event of an attack, instant and positive identification of enemy planes or missiles can be made."

So it would seem logical that our military would have begun to assemble some type of defense system after World War II, to defend against both missile and bomber attack, as well as UFOs, and wouldn't have waited until 1983, which is when President Reagan announced his "Star Wars" Program.

Available documents show that a space based weapon system had indeed been in progress since at least 1955. 1

This weapon system was known as WS-117L, or the Advanced Reconnaissance System (ARS) -Project: Pied Piper. It was a massive undertaking that envisioned surveillance and protection of the entire planet. General Bernard Schriever, head of the Ballistic Missile Office, was in over all charge of 117L, and his "Assistant for 117L" was, at first, Colonel Otto J. Glasser, then Colonel Frederic C. E. Oder, of the Cambridge Research Directorate (CRD). Both of these gentlemen had connections relevant to the UFO story.

To maintain security, WS-117L was hidden within other programs, which were also secret. Some of these were: DISCOVERER, SENTRY, HEXAGON, GAMBIT, CORONA, SAMOS, and MIDAS. Each of these satellite programs had important, even critical, histories unto themselves, and yet they were also just parts contributing toward the ultimate WS-117L goal. 2

The WS-117L program lasted well into the sixties, and it is hard to know when, or if 117L ever became what we might call a finished product. WS-117L had a lot up its sleeve, and its mission parameters were wide. Some of the objectives associated with it were:

1 Surveillance of the atmosphere
2 Surveillance of the surface of the planet
3 Surveillance of near and deep space
4 Secure Intelligence Communications
5 Surveillance of the Moon, especially the back-side that faces away from Earth 3
6 Electronic Intelligence - ELINT

Because the plan called for surveillance of the moon, it can be stated that Project: Mercury, which paved the way for Project: Apollo, was spawned from the needs of WS-117L.

Most of the documentation provided by the agencies involved with the program point to the Soviet Union, and the fear of Nuclear First Strike, as being the main reasoning for the weapon system. It also mentions other possible threats, such as comets and meteors. Yet, the same evidence also proves that the UFO program of that time period played an important part in the overall program. Does this mean that, in fact, we were also interested in defending ourselves against "aliens" from outer space?

Throughout the life of the UFO program, an interest was shown in meteors, somewhat. Certain suspected meteorite impacts were investigated. At the same time, there were so many reports of other highly unconventional objects that the meteor description just doesn't do it justice.

Intercepting pilots could only describe some of the objects as being "evasive," in nature. If they were meteors, they were meteors with brains.

*see: UFOs and Government, copyright 2012 by the UFO History Group, Page 179

For 1 and 2 see: NRO Document #273, Historical Report
Weapon System 117L
1 January-31 December 1956
Western Development Division
Air Research And Development Command
Prepared by Alfred Rockefeller, Jr.
WDD Historian
15 April 1957

and also see:

NRO Document #1003, General Background WS-117L

For 3 see: NRO Document #49: Advanced Reconnaissance Development Plan

I will post more as time goes on. I want to make sure I cover as much of the information as is possible. And I will be able show that there is indeed a connection between WS-117L and UFOs. Please stay tuned.

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Painting...By Wrong Numbers

Lets say you were given a gift. It is one of those "paint-by-numbers" kits. The finished product is to be a cute panda bear. Pandas just happen to be your favorite thing. You take the kit out of the box, excitedly, and before you know it, your halfway finished.

It certainly isn't looking like a panda, yet. Hmmmmm, just looks like a bunch of random colors.

Finally, you accomplish your task, and it looks NOTHING like a cute panda bear. Well, what the? What went wrong?

Unfortunately, unbeknownst to you, someone switched all of the numbers to different assigned areas of the painting scheme. So, even though you diligently followed the instructions, and you painted ever so carefully, making sure to stay within the boundries as you painted. It wouldn't have mattered if you had taken a year to complete it. It would still be wrong.

Lets compare this to a well known UFO case.

Recently, on another blog, the writer brought up the Aztec crash story, retelling the usual version: two con men and a poor schmuck. It was a big hoax, for profit.

There is only one problem. The case as it has been investigated is fatally flawed. Sure, there is a nice story there, about how people got swindled. But if you begin any investigation with the wrong basic information, right out of the gate, how could we expect that investigation to solve anything?

This is the reason that I have been accused of bringing up the same story over and over again, i.e. the Wilkie Conner/SPACEWARP story.

Its because you cannot claim to have solved any case, if you haven't followed up on the proper information. It could very well be that the change in information regarding this case, that took place immediately, was done so investigators would be led on a long diversion.

This is what has occurred in this case:

1 names were changed
2 the location of the incident was changed
3 basic details about the case were altered

So, since this is the case, in this case, then all the data acquired for the last many years, by several researchers, might be absolutely, and completely worthless.

People can play whatever games they will, and try to make others, such as me, appear in a certain negative light, so that only the wrong information gets out there. I will continue to occasionally post what I can to help make up lost ground, when I can.

The report I am currently working on will, I believe, open up some new avenues of investigation for the UFO story, in general. Stay tuned.

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An Update on the modern Ghost Rocket Investigations

Here is a link for the teaser of the new documentary about the : Ghost Rocket Mystery


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More on Deputy Director Edwin K. Wright

Note: to access CIA documents noted here, travel to their reading room, then type the document number in their search engine. The proper document should be called up. If the reading room is down, try again at a later time.

Over the last few years, the Central Intelligence Agency has been releasing Admiral Roscoe Hillenkoetter’s diary. It is, of course, retyped, and sanitized, that is, several different entries are redacted. It can also be ascertained by the manner in which it is being released that others within the Agency have used it for their own research before releasing it to us.

A few different pages have been found by this author only after reading through other material, where a few hitherto unreleased pages were found that the CIA writers had utilized as footnotes.

The first release appeared as covering January 1947, through October, 1947 [see: CIA-RDP80R01731R002700020002]. This author read it a number of times, and then made notations in the margins before sending it off to other researchers. One item notated was the date July 8, 1947. This happened to be when General Roger Ramey conducted the now famous balloon and target press conference, to negate further interest in the events relating to their so-called recovery of a “flying saucer.”

On that date (July 8) a Top Secret meeting of the Intelligence Advisory Committee, and the NSC took place at 0930, in Washington. Admiral Hillenkoetter, Director of the CIA, sat in the chair. He opened the meeting by apologizing on behalf of the Deputy Director, General Wright, who was away, and would not be attending. It appeared, from this release anyway, that he didn’t say where the DDCI was.

Later, while reading through several other released documents, one with a different nomenclature was noticed. Upon opening the file, this author noted that it was also a release of “Hilley’s” diary, covering some of the same dates, that is, it covered the time periods from January 1947, through November, 1947. There were differences between it, and the other release. For instance, the meeting on July the 8th isn’t detailed, but it does note that, on July the 4th, the Deputy Director left for the “west coast” at this time. So, obviously, that is where the Deputy was when Admiral Hillenkoetter made his apologies to the other members of his Intelligence community.

This is where this researcher began to wonder if it had anything to do with the fact that, as many UFO researchers are aware, the Army Air Forces were on the hunt for the “elusive” flying saucers, on the West Coast. One of the head Air Intelligence bases was located at Hamilton Field, Marin County, California. Could the Deputy Director have been dispatched to the West Coast because of the saucer problem?

As was noted in a previous post here, historically speaking, the Director (Hillenkoetter) is known to have had a great interest in the subject. So much so, that he joined Donald Keyhoe’s National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomenon (NICAP.) He sat on the board of Directors for quite some time. In 1960, long after the CIA attempted to persuade him to step down, by presumably showing him the “real” data on the flying discs (see the CIAs own documents regarding the UFO phenomenon for verification), he testified before Congress that he believed the subject should be brought out into the open.

Given the obvious interest shown by the former Director, it was postulated by this writer that the Deputy Director was his go-to guy for the UFO problem.

Now, there is more information gathered that might further accentuate the very notion.

This writer recently reviewed Kevin Randle’s latest offering, The Government UFO Files [The Government UFO Files , copyright 2014, By Kevin D. Randle, Visible Ink Press.]

In his book was a paragraph outlining General Wright’s connection to the Ghost Rocket phenomenon. I marveled at my lack of awareness that he had been mentioned regarding this phenomenon before, especially once I realized that he had been brought up before, by Professor Michael Swords, in his excellent book: UFOs And Government [UFOs And Government, copyright 2012, Michael Swords, and Robert Powell, Anomalist Books]

On page 21, Swords writes: “The United States concern went right to the top. On August 1, Assistant Director of Central Intelligence, Colonel Edwin K. Wright, sent a memorandum to President Truman…” This memo was reproduced on pages 22, and 23. It made a couple of interesting statements. Originally classified: Top Secret, it said, in part: “MEMORANDUM FOR THE PRESIDENT…On 19 July two such “rockets” were reported to have fallen in Norway. The Swedish and Norwegian Governments have now imposed a news blackout with respect to the subject.” It continued with a very provocative sentence: “…Although ten such missiles have fallen within Sweden, the Swedish General Staff has as yet been unable to reach firm conclusions on the basis of the fragments recovered.”

Of note to some UFO researchers would be the General Twining memo, where he affirms that no Unknown Object debris had ever been ‘recovered”, that would prove or disprove their existence. This Ghost Rocket document, penned by Deputy Director Wright, in 1946, would seem to not bare this out.

There had been debris recovered, and analyzed, as of 1946. Colonel Wright goes on the say he believes the intent, by the Russians, if it was the Russians, would be intimidation.

So, as it can be seen, Edwin Wright had a long established connection to Unknown Aerial Phenomena that went back at least as far as the Ghost Rockets. Not only that, he was Deputy Director then, just as he was Deputy Director, as a General, in 1947, under Roscoe Hillenkoetter. So, more than ever, the notion that he was “Hilley’s” Flying Saucer expert is a viable notion.

That being stated, readers should take another look at the fact that it was Hillenkoetter, Wright, and Vandenburg in charge during Roswell, and the Flying Saucer scare of 1947.

General Wright left the CIA in 1949. A letter, whose author is not noted, released by the CIA gives a picture of his service, and importance. [see: CIA-RDP80R01731R001300060082-6] dated 6 April, 1949, it states, in part, “Dear General Wright: I would like to tell you again how much we regretted to see you leave the Central Intelligence Agency. ..As Deputy to the Director of the Agency from its early days in 1946, you have had a momentous task to perform, and those of us who have had the pleasure of working closely with you during that time know full well how untiringly you devoted yourself to the solution of the countless problems forever confronting an organization as complicated as ours…All of us join in wishing you every success in your new assignment..”

Hillenkoetter’s diary had continued to be released, as insiders of the CIA finish looking at, and utilizing it. [see:Diary #2, which covers November 1947, through March, 1948]

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Speculating About Roswell: A Work of Fiction

Speculating About Roswell: A Work of Fiction, By Bob Koford, 2013

Many years ago I began conducting my own research into certain individuals --such as our first Secretary of Defense, former Secretary of the Navy, James V. Forrestal. It was at this time that I had been exposed to a video taped interview with Astronaut, Gordon Cooper. He had been diagnosed with, I believe, Parkenson’s Disease, and wanted to get some things “off his chest.” During this interview, Cooper volunteered information regarding the crash of an apparent ET spacecraft in New Mexico, in 1947. A part of this information struck a chord with me, because of certain facts I had recently discovered during my own research into SECDEF Forrestal. With Cooper’s data, and my own, I began to see a bigger picture unfolding, and it is this picture I would like to now relate, as a fictional accounting of what might have happened:

The time frame for the crash that I will use will be the fourth of July weekend, 1947.

Once the Army recovered the material, both structural and biological, a special unit was utilized to begin research into the whole episode. Eventually, more groups formed, such as the special Biological and Behavioral Sciences (BBS) group within a Naval Astronautics Committee. This group was then turned over to the Marine Corps. They conducted much of their research in Hawaii.

During this period of July, 1947, newly created National Security groups like the State War Navy Coordinating Committee (SWNCC) and the State War Navy Air group (SANA) began to feverishly draw up Psychological Warfare plans to control the ideological processes of the people of the United States. Presumably, this was due to the information surrounding the arrival of Non Terrestrial beings.

Also on the table were several, continually revised War Plans. At this time period, War Plan: HalfMoon seems to be the most crucial. In this plan, it was stipulated that we must, at all cost, gain control of the newly discovered oil fields of Saudi Arabia, before the Russians (Soviet Communists) could. If World War Three was going to erupt, then we needed to deplete outside sources first, before we touched any of our own. This is where the policy was formed that caused our reliance on “foreign” oil.

The problem was, the Saudis did not trust us. For one thing, we were favoring the creation of an official state of Israel, and the partition of Palestine. Both of these issues were extremely hot, and seemed to dictate a presumed failure in establishing a Saudi oil connection.

As Secretary Forrestal was having a very, very rough time with the assignment, from President Truman, of overseeing the unification of the military establishment, he saw an opportunity for a potentially fruitful endeavor. He seized on the moment, and, with a cadre of helpers, he went over to Saudi Arabia to negotiate a deal. As part of his bargaining chip, he secretly acquired some of the “Roswell Material.”
This, it was hoped, would be enough to convince the Saudis of the importance of the U.S. control of the oil. Not only would it help us, we would also pledge to assist the Saudis in creating, maintaining and financing the oil production facilities that would be needed.

Apparently it worked. Before the meeting the Saudis mistrusted us, after the meeting, the CIA, Oil Companies and the Bankers were all allowed to begin operating in the region.

The samples were eventually taken to the Kuwaiti Museum, to be stored in a special vault, in its basement. The Saudis swore secrecy in the matter.

At some point, the truth begins to leak out to certain other Washington\National Security insiders. The whole story isn’t known, but enough to put Secretary Forrestal on the “hot seat.” Air Force Secretary Symington, and Lyndon Johnson had become two of Forrestal’s most vocal opponents -at this time.

As 1948 begins to wind down, and 1949 looms closer, it is noted by many in the Washington scene that Forrestal is deeply troubled. He complains to close associates that he is being followed, and harassed by Jews and Communists. Although accused of being “anti-Semitic” by some, he was anything but. It seems obvious now that the reference to “Jews” was actually to those who knew about his deal with the Arabs, and wanted more information.

The night of the award ceremony for Forrestal, before his actual replacement by a new Secretary, it has been reported, by Forrestal’s personal aide, that Secretary Symington got in the staff car, alone with Forrestal, and they had heated words. Forrestal could not be found, after that, for quite some time. He was later found at his old office, sitting in a chair…coat still on, and hat in hand. He was staring at a blank wall.

Forrestal was later admitted to Bethesda Naval Hospital, diagnosed with severe depression and extreme paranoia. Just before he was to be released, he apparently committed suicide, though many have speculated that he was murdered.

In retaliation for this deed, certain other individuals in the military decided to out the Roswell information, as well as information about another landing that occurred in Mexico. One of these “leakers” was, apparently, Deputy Commander at Ft. Bliss, General Robert B. Coulter. He passed on information to individuals who, in turn, passed on some of this information to a Science Fiction author named Wilkie Conner, who published it in a Science Fiction Fanzine -edited and Produced by Authur Rapp. Two newspapers prepared to publish the material a week later, after deciding to change names, such as Coulters, to protect him. The National Security Council got wind of this plan, and agreed to "publish" National Security Council Intelligence Directives 11, and 12 on the day the newspaper stories were due to emerge. These Directives forbade the publishing of any material, whether they were deemed fictional or factual, that had anything to do with Intelligence matters.

Threats were made, and names were changed again, to further distance General Coulter from the story.

On January 6, 1950, the Wyandotte Echo published its information, altered, and it caused a sensation. The information was further developed, and published by Frank Scully in has 1950’s book, Behind the Flying Saucers. By now, Deputy Commander Coulter’s name was replaced with others.

The hard feelings over what happened to Secretary Forrestal continued over the years, through leaks mostly conducted by Navy personnel, such as Commander Robert McLaughlin, and others. In McLaughlin’s case, it was the Army that rushed to White Sands to reprimand him for “talking” out of turn. The Army PIO at the time told Commander McLaughlin that the Army still considered the topic a secret, and he was not to discuss it.

Over time, most in the military were taken on board the cover-up train, and we have very few “leaks” anymore. But when I heard Gordon Cooper claim that, “we turned over some of the Roswell Material to the Arabs” that day, all the bells and whistles, in my head, went off at the same time. It answered all the questions I had. Funny thing is, of all the publications, the "tabloid" the National Inquirer was the only newspaper to cover Cooper's new information...that is, everything but the "Arab" info.

Then, we went to war in the Gulf. The dictator in Iraq had invaded Kuwait. I had heard that one of the first places he went to was the Kuwaiti Museum...go figure.